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What Jobs Can You Get With a Child Development Associate Credential?

Written by Autumn Granza on Monday, 09 December 2019. Posted in Career

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Earning your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential may help prepare you for work as daycare or preschool teacher, teacher assistant, nanny, or child care worker. Pursuing your CDA Credential may also help you stand out as a childcare professional. If you have an interest in becoming an educator, then Ashworth’s CDA Credential Preparation program might be right for you.

What kind of jobs can you get as a certified CDA?

Working in the childcare field involves a desire to shape young minds and patience. Earning a CDA Credential may help you get started toward a rewarding career. Jobs you can pursue may take place in a classroom setting, daycare, or home. Those with a CDA Credential can work as

  • A teaching assistant at a preschool or daycare. Some duties of a teaching assistant include documenting student performance and progression, preparing lessons and materials, and helping teachers manage the classroom.
  • A head teacher at a preschool or daycare. Teachers plan curriculum that aides in child development, organize activities, and create schedules.
  • A credentialed nanny. Nannies are in-home childcare providers. They take on tasks related to child care and provide a safe environment for children.
  • A tutor. Some children need extra help. Tutors may visit homes and help children develop skills they will need to enter kindergarten.

A CDA Credential may also help you be more marketable when you’re ready to enter the childcare field. Our online certification length course can help you prepare for your career with courses such as

  • Foundations of Teaching. In this lesson, you’ll learn to present and describe the foundations of early care and education of children from birth to eight years of age.
  • Observing and Assessing Children. You’ll learn the different forms of assessments and evaluations that teachers use, the purposes that they serve, and how to best organize information collected.
  • Team Teaching. In this lesson, you’ll learn to articulate the essentials of team teaching and the challenges of developing working relationships.
  • The Dynamics of Diversity. Material in this lesson will help you understand the facets of diversity and the skills you’ll need for interacting collaboratively with children and adults of various cultures.

What is the role of a child development associate?

CDAs work to nurture children. In this role, you’ll work to develop children emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Highly recognized in the early childhood education field, a CDA credential is a stepping stone to advancing your career. Benefits to earning a CDA include career advancement, meeting job requirements, and increasing your confidence.

What is the salary of a child development professional?

In 2021, childcare workers earned a median salary of $27,490 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay may vary based on education and work setting, with those in formal childcare settings earning more. After completing our CDA Credential Preparation program you should be able to create lesson plans that will enrich learning outcomes.

Take the first step

Our CDA Credential Preparation program helps develop your professional childcare expertise as you acquire the skills you need to teach while completing the 120 hours of education that’s required of the CDA Credential™. Take the first steps to help you prepare for a career that allows you to help others with Ashworth College by calling an Admissions Advisor at or enroll online today.

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