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Returning Students

Ashworth College alumni discounts and perks

Graduating is a big deal and you deserve some perks for all of your hard work. After graduating, you’ll join our vast alumni network. Did you know that there are more than 300,000 Ashworth College alumni across the United States and around the world? And our numbers are growing. Upon graduation, our diploma, certificate, and degree holders—and those who earn a James Madison High School diploma—automatically become members of the Ashworth Alumni Association.

This diverse group represents people from all walks of life, but they're all united by one common goal: achieving a higher degree of success. They're also all eligible for an exclusive selection of benefits and savings.

Alumni Rewards Discount

Once you complete your current program of study, you'll be able to apply for our Alumni Rewards Discount, saving up to $300 off tuition when you enroll in your next Ashworth program.

Monthly Bill Pay Plan Total Tuition Price Alumni Tuition Discount Applied
If Bill Pay LESS THAN $799 $100 Alumni Discount
If Bill Pay BETWEEN $800 - $1199 $200 Alumni Discount
If Bill Pay GREATER THAN $1200 $300 Alumni Discount

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The Alumni Rewards Discount is valid on phone enrollments only and may not apply to all programs. Our tuition discount is available to qualified graduates only. Qualifed graduate is defined by student account in graduate status and all financial obligations have been met.

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