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8 Easiest Degrees You Can Earn in Two Years

Written by Laura Amendola on Tuesday, 16 April 2024. Posted in Online College

Girl in orange shirt working on a macbook.

While no legitimate college degree is “easy,” there are some that might be considered less rigorous than others, especially if they’re two-year degrees. In this guide you’ll learn about some of the potentially easiest two-year degrees and how profitable each can be.

The Easiest Degrees to Get Online (Your Guide)

Written by Laura Amendola on Wednesday, 03 April 2024. Posted in Online College

Girl in white shirt and jeans holding a tablet and sitting at a small table with plants.

Are you thinking about going to college online but aren’t sure what you should major in? Or, you may be hoping to get through your online degree as fast as possible and are in search of the easiest major to get online. It’s important to keep in mind that “easy” is subjective and everyone excels at different things, but some majors are considered less rigorous than others. In this guide you’ll learn about some of these degrees and some facts about them!

Is Online College Easier or Harder?

Written by Laura Amendola on Wednesday, 03 April 2024. Posted in Online College

Girl sitting on the floor with a laptop writing in a planner.

Since 2020, online school has become more popular. While many students were forced to take virtual classes during the pandemic and were happy to return to campus when it was over, others found that they really enjoyed the flexibility of online education. If you’re someone who wants or needs to be able to fit education around your life, an online college degree could be a great fit for you! But is it hard to get a degree online in comparison to a brick-and-mortar school? Read on to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about online school!

How to Become a Medical Administrative Assistant (Also Known as Medical Office Assistant)

Written by Laura Amendola on Wednesday, 03 April 2024. Posted in Healthcare

Medical admin assistant working at desk.

Healthcare jobs are more in-demand than ever! Workers are needed both on the frontlines and behind the scenes, filling vital roles to keep patients healthy and safe. If you’ve been considering a new career in the field, but don’t necessarily want to work directly with patients, becoming a medical office assistant (also known as a medical administrative assistant) can be a great fit. Here’s everything you need to know to take the next steps toward a rewarding career including training, salary information, and more!

Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated to Study During Holidays and School Breaks (Online School Edition) 

Written by Lauren Ambrosio on Thursday, 11 January 2024. Posted in Online College

Young woman sitting on the floor  next to holiday gifts, holding a mug of cocoa with marshmallows and looking in a journal.

Staying motivated to study during the holidays can be hard for online students. The change in routine, coupled with the distractions and stresses of the season, can derail even the most disciplined students. It’s even harder for those with mental health issues or neurodivergent conditions like ADHD.

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