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3 Reasons to Enroll in Online College

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Tuesday, 22 November 2022. Posted in Career

Man with dark hair wearing headphones looking at a computer screen with his hands up to his face.

Deciding to enroll in college is a big step, with a lot of things to consider. It isn’t just enough to know you want to go to school, you have to factor in time, cost, degree types, and what it is that you want to study. If you feel intimidated by those choices, online school can offer a good balance to help make reaching your goals a lot easier.

AutoCAD Drafter Career Guide

Written by Des Sinkevich on Tuesday, 15 November 2022. Posted in Career

Schematics drawing and notebook on desk with silver laptop.

AutoCAD drafters combine their sense of creativity with their sharp technical skills to create technical drawings of building plans, blueprints, and more. It can be a very interesting field to work in (and tends to pay well), but is it the right career for you? Here’s what you need to know about the average salary for drafters, how to become a drafter, and the software you’ll use on the job.

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Ashworth Answered

Written by Des Sinkevich on Monday, 07 November 2022. Posted in Why Ashworth

Smiling woman with laptop in lap.

Before enrolling in the program that’s right for you, you may have a few questions about how Ashworth College works, how tuition works for online courses, and even how taking an online course can make a difference in your career. Here are your most frequently asked questions, answered!

Advice from 2022 Graduate of the Year Tiffany Whitter

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Wednesday, 19 October 2022. Posted in Success Stories

Red background with graduation hats and image of 2022 Graduate of the Year winner, Tiffany Whitter.

Like many Ashworth students, 2022 Graduate of the Year, Tiffany Whitter, was a working mom looking to advance her career in the elementary and middle school system. As a paraeducator working with children with academic and behavioral challenges, promotion opportunities were coming up, but she didn’t have the credentials needed to fill the roles. Tired of missing out, she made the decision to go back to school to advance her degree and job prospects.

How to succeed in online school if you’re an introvert

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Wednesday, 14 September 2022. Posted in Life Hacks

Person laying on the ground between water and grass, reading a book.

If you’re an introvert, you may have found that traditional, in-person school wasn’t a good fit for you. Often, introverts struggle in this brick-and-mortar setting, finding themselves feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. This discomfort can lead to distraction, as well as lower grades for those who feel inadequate socially or don’t like participating out loud. An unpleasant learning environment negatively impacts studies, so you may find yourself drawn to the idea of online education. With a legitimate, accredited online school, you can set your own pace and schedule, working in the environment that supports you the best. There are a few key ways you can start on your path to success, and we’ve listed them here.

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