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How Does Ashworth College Tuition Work?

Written by Des Sinkevich on Monday, 10 January 2022. Posted in Why Ashworth

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If you’re interested in starting a new career or qualifying for a promotion in your current job, you may need to further your skills. But pursuing a diploma or degree can be costly at a traditional school and you may not want to take out student loans that can leave you in debt for years. With Ashworth College, however, you can earn an affordable degree without stressing your budget or worrying about student loan debt. Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of our online programs, how our flexible payment plans work, and how you can take the next steps toward the career you want with an online degree.

Where can I find tuition cost for Ashworth programs?

When you’re considering enrolling in a program, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how much it’s going to cost and whether or not you can afford it. For every program you’re considering, you can view the tuition information directly on the program page on our website, under the “tuition” tab. This page breaks down your tuition options, including the full pay option and monthly payment plan option. And, if you aren’t sure whether an Ashworth program is the best financial option, you can compare our tuition cost with similar schools at the bottom of the page to make sure you’re making the right choice for your budget.

The tuition listed on the site for career diplomas is the total cost of the entire program, while college degrees list only the cost for the first semester of your education. To figure out how much your college degree will cost for the full four or eight semesters, you just need to do some simple math! Here’s how to calculate your total online degree tuition:

  • Associate degrees. For the full program tuition for associate degrees, you’ll take the semester one total listed on the program tuition page and multiply that by three. Your fourth semester is no-cost. For example, if you’re interested in enrolling in our Accounting Associate Degree and want to know the full cost, you’ll take the semester one total for the monthly payment plan - $1,399 - and multiply that by three. Your degree total would then be $4,197.
  • Bachelor’s degrees. You’ll do the same basic math to figure out the total cost of an Ashworth bachelor’s degree! For example, if you’re enrolling in the Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree, you’ll take the total cost of the monthly payment plan option for semester one, which is $1,399, and multiply that by eight. Your degree total would then be $11,192.

If you choose the full pay option for each semester in either the associate or bachelor’s degrees, you’ll save some money on overall tuition.

How do monthly payment plans work for Ashworth programs?

For most programs, you have the choice between paying your entire tuition upfront or making monthly payments toward your tuition total until you’re paid in full. When you get started with a program, you’ll make an initial payment to get started which can be as low as $10 for many of our online diplomas and degrees. Then, each month, you’ll pay at least the minimum monthly payment, which can be as low as $59 per month depending on a few factors.

When signing up with the monthly payment plan, you’ll also have a choice when it comes to how you make your payments. Setting up automatic payments is often the most convenient way to make sure your tuition is paid on time each month, but you can also call in to make a payment or mail in your payment. You can even figure out how long it will take you to pay off your tuition using customized down payment and monthly payment options with our tuition calculator!

How to choose the right payment option for your budget

If you’re not sure which payment option is the right one for you, here’s what you should know to help you decide.

  • Pay in full option. With the pay in full option, you’ll make a one-time payment for the total cost of the program. After that, you won’t need to pay additional tuition costs, though there may be extra fees, like if you need to extend your study time. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to worry about monthly payments and, even better, you save a little more than with our monthly plans. For example, the total cost for the online Medical Billing and Coding Program when you choose the monthly payment plan option is $999; if you decide to pay in full, you’ll save $150 with a total cost of $849.
  • Monthly payment plans. With Ashworth’s affordable monthly payment plan option, you can start working toward your career goals without hurting your budget. Not everyone can pay upfront for education, and at Ashworth, it’s important that everyone has an opportunity to advance in their careers or earn a degree. This payment plan option is a great choice for those who can’t afford to pay all at once or don’t want to pay the total amount upfront. Our payment plans have no interest, so you won’t end up owing more than the total amount of the program you’re enrolled in.

Whatever payment option you choose, the cost of your digital study materials and any textbooks you need is included in the price of tuition.

Why doesn’t Ashworth College accept financial aid?

We believe that everyone, no matter their income, has the right to further their education and graduate without the stress of hefty loan payments. With our flexible payment plans and affordable full pay options, there’s no need to finance your future. By being able to choose low, interest-free monthly payments, you can earn your degree or diploma without relying on expensive loans that you’ll need to pay off for much longer.

Earn an affordable education with Ashworth College

Ready to get started? All you need to do is make an initial payment toward the cost of your tuition! If you’re not sure which payment option is the best fit for your needs or you have further questions about how our tuition works, you can reach out to our expert Admissions Specialists who can go over the benefits of each plan and help you get started at !

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