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Stack Certifications to Improve Your Resume

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Thursday, 14 January 2021. Posted in Career

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Education is always a worthy investment, but with busy lives filled with jobs, families, and other responsibilities, taking on a degree program can seem nearly impossible. At Ashworth College, you can take the steps towards building up your resume through online, self-paced Career Certificate Programs without having to worry about the additional cost of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What is a certification?

A certification is an extra credential to improve your skills and knowledge, keeping you up-to-date and prepared for better career opportunities. They allow you to build on your expertise so you can perform more competitively in the job market. Certifications take less time than a full degree program but offer professional benefits for those already started in their careers. They show your employer or prospective employers that you have additional skills and training for the job. By earning a certification online with Ashworth, you have the flexibility of a self-paced schedule, so you don’t have to quit your job or draw attention away from other responsibilities. Everything is completed when and where you want, and can be completed at any phase of your career. A certificate program can also help you prepare to sit for certification exams.

How can stacking certifications help my career?

Certifications show that you’re committed to learning and improving. It tells employers and your teammates that you take your position and yourself seriously. The more certifications you earn, the more qualified you can become for advanced roles. Often, those advanced positions come with a pay increase which may improve your quality of life. Stacking your certifications can also help you maintain job security; the ability to perform multiple tasks or possessing knowledge in more than one area can make you an invaluable member of the team. Likewise, it increases your employability. Experience counts, but if you have certifications in addition to that experience, you’re more likely to edge out a competing candidate and earn the job.

Why should I stack certifications instead of getting a degree?

You might be wondering why having a few certifications is a better option than pursuing an advanced degree. Let’s face it: not every job requires an advanced degree and not everyone can afford the time and expense it takes to earn one. If you’re a parent, have a limited or fixed income, or are just unsure if you want to make a commitment as involved as a degree program, stacking certifications can be a great way to improve your prospects without taking on something unnecessary and possibly overwhelming. It also allows you to focus more specifically on individual parts of your professional development, so you can advance in the areas you want in a shorter amount of time. Ashworth College’s self-paced career certificate programs allow you the flexibility to earn advanced credentials at an affordable rate on a schedule that you create. With accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Committee (DEAC), you can be sure you’re earning your qualifications from a reputable source.

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