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4 sure signs you're ready for Ashworth College's Childhood Development Associate Certificate

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 31 January 2018. Posted in Online College

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Decisions are hard. Especially big decisions like going to school. You might start to feel a little bit like everyone’s favorite red-shirted, honey-loving bear from the Hundred Acre Woods as you sit and think, think, think about your decision. If you've been thinking about enrolling in Ashworth College's Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate program, we’re here to help you figure out if now is the right time for you to start. Let’s kick it off with this mini-list of signs you're ready to enroll.

You love helping shape little minds

You know a job educating wee ones is more than playing with kids all day (and you’ll keep reminding those annoying people who keep telling you otherwise)! Early childhood education (ECE) is about shaping little minds to give them a foundation for growing, socializing, learning, and working. It takes a big heart to do that. And, now it also takes knowing the latest information about the field. New research is coming out all the time about the importance of ECE, and the best strategies teachers can use to set kids up for a bright future. Enrolling in our CDA certificate will help you learn these essential techniques to make you an even better teacher for those little nuggets.

You can make room in your busy schedule

To say your life is busy is probably the understatement of the year, right? You’re in a classroom all day, teaching and caring for your students. Then your nights and weekends are taken up by cleaning, curriculum planning, etc. All that doesn’t even factor things you have to do outside of your job! You might be waiting for a time when things slow down to start your program. But let’s get real. Your schedule won’t change unless you change it. How important is your weekly book club (you know the one where you just drink wine and don’t read the book)? Can someone else drop the kids off at school? Finding room in a busy schedule can be hard, but it is possible by really thinking about what you want in life. The good news is at Ashworth College you can finish your program in as little as four months, so any sacrifices you make are short-term. Plus, since classes are online they’re easier to fit into your schedule because you can study when it works best for you!

You’ve made a budget

Paying for school is something a lot of people worry about. We’re guessing that it’s on your mind too. After all, in addition to living expenses, other bills, and groceries, you’re probably throwing a little money toward your classroom to get new project supplies and materials for whatever fun thing you’re planning for your students. That’s why making a budget is a must before deciding to enroll in a certificate. If you’re new to making a budget, check out our Making a Budget Checklist. Already have one? Add a line for tuition to see if you can afford college now or if you need to wait and save for a few months first. As you look at your budget, remember here at Ashworth we work with you to offer tuition payment options so you can find the right fit for your financial situation.

You love to learn

Face it, you love teaching those kiddos, but you also love to learn. You wouldn’t be in this career if you didn’t because those little rugrats are always surprising you and teaching you something new. So, why not embrace your love of learning and enroll in a certificate program? You’ll gain confidence, competence, and a whole lot of knowledge that will help you be a better you every day.

If all these things sound like you, what are you waiting for? Enroll today in the Ashworth College Child Development Associate Certificate.

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