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In Demand Careers for 2021

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Thursday, 17 December 2020. Posted in Career

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With a new year approaching, we can look forward to a lot of change. 2020 saw us deal with a global pandemic, bringing the uncertainty of unemployment for many. 2021 brings a brighter outlook, though, with experts predicting the economy will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. These changes mean some jobs will be more in demand than ever before. Ashworth College’s self-paced, online courses can help give you the tools needed to hit the ground running in 2021.

Medical Billing & Coding

Healthcare jobs have always been in demand, but the pandemic has only increased this need. Medical billers and coders play an important role in healthcare settings of all types, from hospitals, to physicians' offices, to outpatient clinics. They understand medical terminology, assign codes for diagnoses and medical services, in addition to being familiar with the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Ashworth College’s Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma program can not only help you develop these skills, but it can also prepare for the National Healthcareer Association’s Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam with classes in medical terminology, insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid. Earning this certification can give you the credentials needed to enter this growing field.

HVAC Technician

Like medical billers and coders, HVAC technicians are needed in various industries since all buildings require some form of heating and cooling. HVAC technicians install and maintain these systems in both residential and commercial structures. With Ashworth, you can complete your HVAC Career Diploma in as little as four months with self-paced, online studies. Courses include the fundamentals of installation and servicing as well as tools needed. Plus, you’ll review important topics like safety and environmentally correct handling of refrigerants, helping you get ready for the Section 608 Technician Certification exam. Earning this certification can put you on the path towards earning the licensing required by your home state.

Child Development Associate

If you’re passionate about helping future generations, a career as a child development associate (CDA) might be a good fit for you. Earning a CDA Credential after take our CDA Credential Preparation program can prepare you to work in the classroom, in daycares, or at home as a nanny or tutor by covering the foundations of teaching, assessing children, and team teaching. As a CDA, you’ll encourage the emotional, intellectual, and social development of early childhood learners. You’ll also work on diversity training to earn the skills needed to work with individuals of various backgrounds and cultures. With the Bureau of Labor and Statistics expecting 170,100 new jobs to be created through 2031, the new year is a great time to start planning for your childcare career.

Tax Preparer

Another career that can work in more than one setting, a Tax Preparation Career Diploma from Ashworth can help you hone the skills needed to prepare federal tax returns for both small businesses and individuals. Classes will examine the fundamentals of the U.S. tax system, how to determine what type of incomes are taxable and non-taxable, plus how retirement contributions and annuities factor into taxes. You’ll be on the path towards gaining the confidence needed to take the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) Tax Certification Exam, which may help improve your odds in a competitive job market.

Start 2021 with Ashworth College

Regardless of which program is the best fit for you, Ashworth College offers affordable, self-paced programs to assist you in making the most of your education. All classes are completely online, allowing you to study where you want and when you want. You can choose to focus on one at a time, waiting until you feel you’ve confidently mastered it before moving on to another or you can complete classes all at once; the choice is yours. Self-paced also means you choose which time of day to study so you can more easily balance responsibilities like work and family. Monthly payment plans, discounts, and flexible tuition options help you fit your education into your budget, too.

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