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Career services with a difference

All of our programs—career and degree—focus on practical training and high-demand skills. Equipped with job-ready expertise, you will be empowered to stand out from the competition and make tangible progress toward your goals.

But career-relevant programs aren't the only way we help our students and graduates reach their potential. We also provide an exclusive suite of career services, ensuring Ashworth College alumni not only qualify for new opportunities but are able to seize them in order to make life-changing differences.

Our college career services advisors

We get it—you don't want to wait until graduation to start moving your career ahead. As soon as you enroll, you can work one-on-one with our career advisors to:

  • receive personalized guidance for your job search and career strategy;
  • optimize your resume for the best results;
  • strengthen your interview skills through mock interviews;
  • identify additional programs to further enhance your skill set;
  • learn about relevant career tools in the Ashworth Learning Resource Center (LRC).

The Ashworth EDGE

As a student or graduate of one of our online degree programs, you will have exclusive access to The Ashworth EDGE. Our innovative professional development partner can help you:

  • develop your personal brand and set career goals;
  • learn to communicate your unique value to potential employers;
  • use assessments to align career goals with your passions;
  • build your personalized online Ashworth ePortfolio;
  • apply the latest technology and social media trends to grow your network and support your job search.

Partnerships and post-grad opportunities

We have developed close partnerships with a wide range of professional organizations, trade associations, businesses, government entities, educational assistance programs, and other online schools. It's one of the many ways we maximize our students' professional opportunities from the day they enroll. Find out how our partnerships can help you excel, too.

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