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Learn How to Do Taxes with Tax Preparation Courses

Written by Autumn Granza on Thursday, 27 February 2020. Posted in Career

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Tax season is in the air and with that may come an uneasy feeling for some. Preparing everything needed to file your taxes may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. You can learn the skills to help you own this tax season with Ashworth College’s online Tax Preparation Career Diploma program.

Tax preparation courses

Tax preparers are in need, especially since all working adults and businesses must file their taxes. Our online tax preparation course helps students learn the skills to become a tax preparer. The program focuses on preparing taxes for individuals and small businesses. You’ll learn how to prepare federal income tax returns based on the financial documents you receive from clients.

How to become a tax preparer

Our online program helps prepare students to file federal tax returns for individuals or small businesses. You’ll learn how to determine taxable and non-taxable income and how to deduct expenses and losses. You’ll also take courses like

  • Career and Tax Overview and Filing Status. In this lesson, you’ll receive an introduction to the career opportunities available for those with tax preparation training and the fundamentals of the U.S. tax system.
  • Returns for Self-Employment and Small Business. You’ll learn the tax rules and allowances for income related to the operation of a sole proprietorship for the self-employed, including medical and retirement plans.
  • Tax Calculation, Payment and Filing. This lesson will go through the final stages of completing a typical tax return before filing, including the calculation of tax due for the regular process and for Alternative Minimum Tax situations.

What is a tax preparer's salary?

By becoming a tax preparer you’ll get paid to help people file their taxes. With millions filing yearly, you’ll use your knowledge to help others. After completing the tax preparation program, you’ll be able to recognize the laws and regulations related to taxes, how to calculate gross income and identify elements of income, accurately complete a Form 1040 Individual Tax Return for a family, and more. In 2021, the mean annual wage for tax preparers was $51,080, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salary may vary based on location and certifications.

Certificate in tax preparation

Our self-paced, online tax preparation program helps prepare you to become certified. The program includes the cost of the National Bookkeepers Association Tax Certification Exam, practice test, and certificate if you pass the exam.

Prepare for a career

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