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Thought about a career in taxes? A Tax Preparation course at Ashworth could be for you!

Written by Ashworth College on Tuesday, 26 September 2017. Posted in Career

Thought about a career in taxes? A Tax Preparation course at Ashworth could be for you!

Have you considered a career in taxes? Do you like working with numbers? If so, and you're on the hunt for a rewarding career, then a tax preparation course at Ashworth College may be for you!

Accredited online colleges such as Ashworth College offer tax prep courses that train you for the Tax Certification Exam. Millions of people file taxes each year. Become a certified tax preparer and you can get paid to help them file.

Ashworth College's Tax Preparation course provides career fundamentals, like:

  • Knowing how to work within U.S. Federal Law

    Rules and regulations are in place to monitor and protect paid tax preparation providers. The Internal Revenue Service requires every paid tax preparer to have a Preparer's Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and renew it annually. Tax prep courses teach you how professional tax preparers must follow the law.

  • Calculating gross incomes

    Adjusted gross income (AGI) is gross income minus deductions. But, before you calculate AGI, you have to understand how to deduct expenses. Deductions can include moving and self-employment expenses, student loan interest and much more. Ashworth College tax prep courses teach you the special considerations required for calculating an AGI.

  • Applying capital gains to property transactions

    It's important to include certain capital gains when filing taxes for people who buy and sell real estate. Capital gain is based on cost, rather than price and the rules for filing can be confusing. Through our tax preparation course, you'll understand your clients' needs when their finances involve real estate.

  • Calculating tax refunds

    A tax refund is the amount of money withheld for federal income tax, minus the amount of federal income tax due for the year. Sometimes the federal government withholds too much money from an employee's earnings and the IRS must return money when taxes are filed. Other times, too little is withheld from an employee's earnings and the employee must give more to the IRS. Errors like these can have federal penalties, or cause income tax to be too high. Study tax preparation and you'll understand how to protect your clients and save them money.

Enroll in a tax prep course at Ashworth College and learn how to crack the tax code. Our flexible and affordable online college program takes as little as four months. Then you could be on your way to a profitable career as a tax preparer earning a mean annual wage of $45,340, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A whole world of numbers is waiting for you! Get in touch and start your tax preparation course today.

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