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Courses That Can Pay Off Quickly

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Friday, 21 May 2021. Posted in Career

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Education is always of value, but with increasing costs of traditional colleges, earning a degree or qualification can be discouraging financially. Thankfully, there are training programs available, like those at Ashworth College, that can not only help you boost your resume, but are affordable and can be paid off after just a few projects. Check out some of the most popular online, self-paced classes from Ashworth College that you can pay off quickly.

Why should I invest in an online program?

Education is always valuable, both for personal and professional development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the more education you receive, the more earning potential you have. Money isn’t the only reason to invest in your education, though. Regardless of which field or program type you choose; education provides you skills that can be applied throughout many aspects of your life. Besides increasing your likelihood to be hired for a job, committing yourself to your education can boost your confidence and shows others that you have the determination and ability to take on new challenges. These qualities can then be applied to any number of jobs.

Whatever your reasons are, though, there are a few different options that you can complete in under a year while earning back your tuition costs quickly, giving you a strong return on investment. allowing you to get to work - and start earning - fast.

What areas can I see a fast return on investment?

Ashworth College offers a variety of affordable, self-paced, fully online courses from which to choose. If you’re someone who likes to keep busy working with their hands, why not put your skills to use by earning a career diploma in an in-demand field?

  • If you’re a whiz with electronics, you can find work in a wide range of industries, like manufacturing, engineering, and privately-owned businesses. Depending on which you choose, you could be looking at an average salary of $62,000 per year.
  • Good carpentry skills are always needed, with over a million jobs in the field in 2019. Earning credentials can see you earn up to $49,000 per year, while allowing you to work for construction companies, general contractors, and home improvement services.

If you’re a more independently- minded person, you might want to work for yourself or earn a little extra money on the side. There are affordable programs that can help you put your talents and hobbies to good use by giving you the boost needed to get started.

  • Event Planners can work for a company or independently. Projects can be big, such as planning a full wedding from start to finish, or small, like coordinating day-of events. You may even find something in-between, like birthday parties or baby showers. On average, event planners can earn a salary of $50,000 per year, with the ability to charge on a per-project basis depending on what is required of them.
  • For those who have a mind for numbers, having a good accounting foundation can come in handy. Freelance tax preparers can work seasonally, making around $21 per hour. They may choose to work for themselves or have the option of taking on contract work with accounting firms or small businesses, giving them options on how and when they’d like to work.

Invest in yourself with education

Because our goal is providing quality education at a low price, Ashworth offers monthly payment plans with no interest, discounts, and flexible tuition options so can invest in yourself without going deeply into debt.

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