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How to Market Yourself Once You Earn a Degree

Written by Autumn Granza on Tuesday, 10 March 2020. Posted in Life Hacks

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To market yourself to potential employers you need to make sure you have the tools to succeed. Standing out is the best way to get noticed. Communicating to the job market about what makes you unique is the key. Here’s how to start.

Why is marketing yourself important?

The harsh reality is, entering the job field means you’re in competition with others. You have to market yourself to stand out to potential employers and put yourself ahead of the other candidates. Having a well-written resume and an active LinkedIn profile may be the difference between getting a job or not.

Write a cover letter that stands out.

A cover letter is a necessary component when applying for a job. It can help you introduce yourself in a way that attracts the hiring manager and makes you memorable. A cover letter shouldn’t reiterate what your resume says. Instead, it should expand on your experience and share your greatest career or life achievements. You should also write a cover letter for each job. The same cover letter may not apply to every company, so a unique cover letter is important. According to the Society for Human Resources, three things your cover letter should include are

  • How your work experience meets the job requirements you’re applying for.
  • How your skills meet the job requirements.
  • Why you want to work at that organization.

With this information, you’re conveying to the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job. Be sure to proofread your cover letter before submitting.

Make your resume get noticed.

Just like your cover letter, your resume should stand out. A well-designed, organized resume can help. You should keep your resume to one page and make it appealing, while also keeping it simple. Don’t overdo the flare. For help, you can follow a template.

Using words that are exciting can give it that wow-factor, too. For example, instead of saying you “changed” something, use the word “customized.”

Highlighting education is important. Your resume should show-off what you’ve learned. You worked hard to reach your goals, so don’t be shy. As a recent graduate, your education should come first. Be sure to include the degree you earned and the year you graduated. You can also include your GPA. For example:

Ashworth College
Associate Degree in Psychology (March 2020)
GPA 3.5

If you’ve been working in the field for a few years you’ll want to design your resume differently. Relevant work experience should come before education and your GPA won’t be relevant.

Connect with employers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn connects millions of professionals and lists countless job opportunities for candidates. It’s a self-marketing tool that should be used often. But, setting up your LinkedIn profile is different than your Facebook or Instagram. It’s a professional space and should be treated as such. It’s more than a bio or rehash of your resume. Your LinkedIn will more than likely be searched by employees of the company you’re applying at, and sprucing it up may be the key to your success. In order to set up your LinkedIn to stand out, you should

  • Complete your profile. Make sure your profile is complete. You’ll need a photo, industry, educational background, and current and past work history. You should also include your skills.
  • Connect. Connecting is important. You should send invitations to graduates from Ashworth College, your workplace, and high school. You should also connect with companies that you’re interested in working for and hiring managers at those locations. Follow up with connections and start conversations.
  • Stay active. With all those connections you want to make sure you’re actively sharing and commenting. Share relevant content with your network, and articles you find interesting. Adding comments to your shares gives them authority. Sharing your opinion can help you establish thought-leadership. If commenting, be sure to use correct grammar and that what you’re saying makes sense.

Take some time to build your LinkedIn before you apply to your dream job. You want to have a professional space to impress hiring managers.

Let Ashworth help.

Ashworth has tools to help students even after they graduate. With Ashworth College Central Network alumni can receive career services like resume building, templates to use, and mock interview tools. If your resume still needs a boost, you can upskill with Ashworth. You can talk with an Admissions Advisor at or enroll online.

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