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Frequently Asked Questions About Ashworth College

Written by Des Sinkevich on Wednesday, 23 August 2023. Posted in Online College, Why Ashworth

Real Answers to Your Questions About Ashworth College

If you’re considering enrolling in online college, you probably have a TON of questions. We’re here to help! Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ashworth College below!

Is Ashworth College a legit online school?

Yes, Ashworth College is legit! What makes Ashworth a legitimate online school is our accreditation and licenses. When you’re looking at online colleges, you want to make sure that the schools you’re considering are nationally accredited.

Does Ashworth College offer financial aid?

No, Ashworth College doesn’t offer financial aid. That’s because we’re focused on offering affordable education that fits any budget! With low monthly payment plan options, you won’t need to worry about filling out the FAFSA application or waiting to hear if you were approved for a Pell Grant to start college. You can start as soon as you’re ready!

Do Ashworth credits and degrees transfer to other colleges?

Ashworth is nationally accredited, which means that the credits you earn should be transferable to other schools. However, each college makes their own decision on what credits to accept. Before transferring to another school, contact their admissions office to see what their transfer policy is like so you can get a better idea of what credits will transfer in.

Colleges also look at things like your grades, whether the class curriculum was similar to what they offer, and other considerations when reviewing your transcripts.

Can I transfer credits towards my Ashworth degree or diploma?

Yes! If you have credits from an accredited college or technical school, those credits may transfer to an Ashworth program! After enrolling, you’ll want to have your previous school send us a sealed, official copy of your transcripts. From there, we’ll take a look and see what classes match up with what we offer, as well as check to make sure you completed the course. We also look at grades and other factors when determining what credits will transfer in.

However, once you’ve had credits transferred, they’ll be applied to your classes so you won’t have to repeat something you’ve already done.

Are online schools less respected than brick-and-mortar schools?

Since the pandemic, online colleges are more accepted than they may have been in the past. While there may still be some folks out there who think online schools are easier or less legitimate than traditional colleges, most employers don’t necessarily look at where you graduated from. They just want to know that you have the skills to get the job done – and having a degree in a relevant field can help with that!

Can you actually get a job with an Ashworth degree?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to get a job with an Ashworth degree. Like all colleges, though, having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to get the job. Employers also consider other factors like whether you’re a good fit for their company culture.

But, overall, many Ashworth graduates have been able to take the next steps toward reaching their career goals after graduating. For example, 2020 Graduate of the Year, Dorothy Dilworth, was able to take her degrees from Ashworth and find a rewarding job as a district aide with the Florida House of Representatives.

“The Psychology Degree has helped me with my empathy of wanting to help people and understanding the mindset of people,” said Dorothy. “The Paralegal Degree has [taught] me to understand the terminology of law, which helps with my current position. And the degree for Business Management and the Undergrad Certificate in Human Resource Management will help me when I choose to take the next step in my career with the Florida House of Representatives.”

Besides Dorothy, Penni Katzmann, a 2022 Graduate of the Year finalist and vet assistant program graduate, found success after completing her program with Ashworth College. She completed her studies and did an externship with Banfield that turned into a new career!

“I never thought I would be living my dream, especially at my age. I learned so much more and was treated like family … I am still pinching myself! Thank you, Ashworth!”

And there are more student stories that show that you can take an online degree and pursue a new career, earn a promotion, or get the education you need to take the next steps toward a higher degree. You can learn more about our alumni and their successes in our Alumni Spotlight Podcast!

Can Ashworth get you into college?

Depending on what degree program you enroll in, you’re already in college when you’re an Ashworth student. But, since Ashworth is nationally accredited, you should be able to use your degree to get into another college or pursue a higher degree, like a Master’s. For example, Tiffany Whitter, a graduate of the Psychology Bachelor’s Degree, is taking the next steps toward higher education and is currently a Master’s in Education in School Counseling.

How does Ashworth give you your diploma?

Once you’ve successfully completed your course and paid your tuition in full, you’ll receive your diploma or degree in the mail. We usually recommend giving it about 14 business days to get to you once you’ve met all the requirements.

Does Ashworth count as a full time school?

No, since Ashworth College is online and self-paced, it’s not considered a full-time school. If you’re filling out paperwork to get benefits or scholarships, this may impact how likely you are to receive those benefits.

Is Ashworth College a scam?

No, Ashworth College is not a scam. While there are many online schools out there that are scams – they aren’t accredited, they let you just pay for a degree without having to take actual classes, etc. - Ashworth is proud to be nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission! That means that when you graduate from a career or college program, your diploma or degree is legit!

You can listen to alumni stories and learn more about Ashworth on our Alumni Spotlight Podcast.

Where is Ashworth College located?

Ashworth College’s current home base is near Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia. However, that’s just our office where we get administrative work done. As an online school, Ashworth College doesn’t have a physical campus; you can study from anywhere in the world.

How do Ashworth exams work?

Ashworth exams are completely online and self-paced. There are no due dates to take exams. You’ll take exams throughout your program, whenever you’re ready to do so. These exams are usually short, multiple-choice tests, though some programs may have longer final exams and proctored exams that include multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions.

What is self-paced in online school?

Self-paced means you can study whenever you want! You’ll have access to your Student Portal, so you can study any time of the day. Self-paced also means that you determine how quickly you work through your program. If you’re busy with work and life, that may mean you only complete a couple lessons per week and that’s totally fine! If you have more time to work with, you can spend as many hours as you’d like studying.

What are Ashworth graduation requirements?

To graduate, you’ll need to successfully pass your courses and have a passing overall grade. Generally, passing is considered anywhere from 60-70, or in alphabetical grades, a D or C. Different programs have different requirements, so before enrolling, check with an Admissions Specialist by calling 1-800-957-5412 to learn what the minimum passing grade is for your program.

Once you’ve passed your program, you’ll then need to pay your tuition in full to be considered a full graduate. You don’t have to pay off the balance all once; you can stay on your monthly payment plan. That just means that it may take a little while before you see your diploma or degree in the mail.

Is Ashworth College accepted by employers?

Yes, Ashworth College should be accepted by employers! Today, most employers don’t pay as much attention to the school you graduated from; they just want to see that you graduated and have a degree. Obviously, different employers do have different requirements, so it’s not always guaranteed they’ll accept your degree. If you do run into an employer who is unsure of Ashworth College, let them know about our accreditation and licensing, which show that this is a legitimate college.

How long is the Ashworth College program?

That depends on what program you’re enrolled in and how much time you have to dedicate to your studies! All of our programs, from career diplomas to bachelor’s degrees, are entirely self-paced, so you can work at the speed that’s best for you and your life. Many career diplomas can be completed in less than a year. An associate degree could take around two years to complete, and a bachelor’s takes about four years.

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How much is Ashworth College a month?

Ashworth College offers monthly payment plan options to pay your tuition and most monthly payments are less than $60 per month. The actual amount per month can vary based on what fits your budget, what program you’re in, and other factors.

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What are the requirements at Ashworth College?

At Ashworth College, the requirements to enroll are pretty simple. You just need to have a desire to learn, complete the enrollment process either online or on the phone, and make an initial payment toward your tuition. Some programs may have age restrictions, like being at least 17 or 18 in order to enroll. Make sure you talk with our Admissions Specialists on the phone if you’re under 18 to make sure you’re able to enroll!

What are semester exams for Ashworth College?

Semester exams are like final exams! These are taken at the end of each semester and they are proctored and timed. Proctored means that you’ll need to have someone to administer the physical exam to you, in person. You choose your own proctor and determine where and when you’ll take the exam. The person you choose as a proctor must be approved by the school. When it’s time for the semester exam, we’ll mail the test to your designated proctor. Then, it’s up to you both to schedule a time to sit for the test. When you’re done, your proctor will mail it back to the school for grading.

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Does Ashworth College have masters programs?

No, Ashworth College doesn’t offer master's programs.

What happens if you fail a class at Ashworth College?

If you fail a class at Ashworth, there may be a few options for you! If you fail a class, but your total GPA for the semester is still a passing grade, you may not need to retake it. However, if your overall GPA is in danger of being close to failing, you’ll want to retake the entire course. There’s generally a fee for this.

At Ashworth, you do have plenty of opportunities to make sure you can pass your classes! For each exam, you’re allowed one retake to improve your grade. For semester exams, you can retake sections you failed or retake the whole exam once.

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Does Ashworth College have a graduation ceremony?

Yes, Ashworth College has a graduation ceremony! After many years of not being able to hold an in-person ceremony to honor our students, this year we held our largest graduation ever with our partner schools in Scranton, PA. Over 1000 graduates from Ashworth College, James Madison High School, Penn Foster, New York Institute of Art and Design, and New York Institute of Photography walked the stage.

Watch the recording of the event: 2023 Graduation Ceremony

Can you get a bachelor's degree from Ashworth College?

Yes, you can get a bachelor’s degree from Ashworth College! We offer 8 different bachelor’s degrees, from healthcare to marketing.

What is the difference between a career diploma and certificate?

There are a few differences between a career diploma and certificate. The biggest differences are how long they take to complete and what you learn. In a career certificate, you’re taking a much shorter program that focuses on one single subject. A career diploma covers several topics and subjects that are related to the career you’re studying for, and can take up to about a year to complete.

Is Ashworth College online?

Yes, Ashworth College is completely online.

Is Ashworth College affiliated with Penn Foster?

Yes, Ashworth College is affiliated with Penn Foster! Penn Foster is one of our partner schools. Being partnered with Penn Foster means that you have a wider variety of options for programs and can take the programs that best fit your needs with either school.

Are online colleges taken seriously?

Today, online colleges are being taken more seriously than ever before. The pandemic pushed so many schools and students online for safety reasons, which lead to more and more people accepting online school as a valid way to earn a diploma or degree.

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