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Students get real about what "education on your terms" means

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 14 March 2018. Posted in Career, Success Stories

Students get real about what

At Ashworth College, we’re all in for educating you on your terms. But what’s that mean? Well, it can mean a little something different to every student. After all, it’s not an education on our terms; it’s education on your terms.

Here’s the way we’d describe what college is like here: it’s our commitment to flexibility, affordability, and quality, so you get the education you deserve. We don’t hold you to specific times for classes, and we work with you to keep tuition payments low. We create an environment that fits the needs of all kinds of people – those who just finished high school, older adults returning to school, working parents, or even lifelong learners.

But, don’t take our word for it. Hear what these Ashworth College online graduates have to say about their experience creating an education that fit them.

Multiple balls in the air

Many of our students are busy people. Graduate Jazmine Dalcoe balanced being a wife and mom with community service, fundraising, and military activities while going to school. For her, education on her terms meant that she was able to keep all those balls in the air while accomplishing something important.

Holding down two jobs

Debra Graham also knows a thing or two about being busy. Going back to college for her meant fitting in schoolwork in-between two jobs! Having to be on someone else’s schedule probably would not have worked.

Ditching the excuses

Sometimes learning on your terms means getting rid of excuses and realizing that no one is standing in your way except you. Or as graduate Tamesha Smith puts it, “Why procrastinate? Just get up and do it.”

Baby steps

When you’re going after a big goal, sometimes you need to break it down and take on small pieces at a time. That control to go step-by-step-by-step, as Lisa Ledee puts it, helps so much. That’s why education on her terms meant being able to work at her own pace, in a way that helped her learn best!

Ready to start your education on your terms? Talk to one of our admissions advisors today!

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