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What financial aid is available at Ashworth College?

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 17 September 2015. Posted in Why Ashworth

What Financial Aid is Available at Ashworth College?

What financial aid is available? It's a common question students ask before enrolling at Ashworth College Online. We understand. Balancing your dreams of launching a new career or taking the next step forward in your current one with the financial responsibilities you have to yourself and family is a challenge.

The answer to the financial aid question though is probably not what students expect to hear: Ashworth College does not accept (or offer) federal financial aid or private student loans. The reason? At Ashworth College we are committed to making tuition affordable for all students. A college education without using student loans may seem impossible – after all, according to the National Center for Education Statistics three out of four students at 2-year institutions use financial aid – but Ashworth students are able to graduate without using them. Here are a few ways we help students graduate without using student loans.

Affordable tuition

A college education is critical to career success, and we don't want tuition to be a financial burden that prevents students from getting what they want–and deserve–for themselves and their families. On average the cost per credit hour at the college is $65. Since this is an average, the cost per credit may be higher or lower depending on whether you're earning a professional certificate, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree but no matter what option is right, it's considerably less expensive than other colleges. If you want to see how Ashworth compares to other schools, check out our cost comparison chart.

All materials included

Beyond tuition, the extra costs of college can often surprise students. From books to transportation to additional student fees, these small costs can add up to a significant amount. For Ashworth students however, everything is included in your tuition, which means there are no extra fees for things like books, study guides, academic support and career guidance. Avoiding these costs and knowing the exact cost of tuition by using our tuition calculator helps students like you fit paying for their education into their budget and avoid the need for federal or private student loans.

Payment options

Paying for college is a big investment, even with affordable tuition. You are making a financial commitment, but also a commitment to yourself and your family for a better life. Doesn't it make sense that commitment is on your terms? At Ashworth College, students choose how they want to pay for college with flexible payment options. Our admissions team walks every student through their tuition payment options so you can understand your choices and select the plan that fits your financial situation and life.

Additional savings

In addition to keeping tuition affordable, Ashworth offers a variety of opportunities for students to save on tuition costs. For example, all students enrolled in an associate's degree have the opportunity to qualify to receive their final semester at no cost. There are other discounts for referring other students to the college, alumni returning to further their education, and savings for families who are attending Ashworth together. A full list of available discounts can be found on our savings page.

Figuring out how to pay for college is a choice all students must make. Often, the high cost of some colleges is an obstacle forcing students to forgo their career goals or making them think the only option is to take out student loans. But, those are not the only options. Finding an accredited, affordable program like those offered by Ashworth College can help you avoid those high cost loans and prepare you for the career path you want!

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