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Which Technology Careers are In-Demand?

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Wednesday, 08 September 2021. Posted in Career

Laptop and desktop computers.

It’s hard to do anything today without the use of some form of technology. In today’s digital world, every type of business now uses technology, touching every aspect of our lives. Because of this, there’s a large demand for knowledgeable experts to help ensure everything runs smoothly with as few interruptions as possible. This reliance means technology careers can be a lucrative field to work within, and Ashworth College can help you get started.

What technology careers are in demand?

Technology is a vast field with many areas in which to work. Some specific fields of technology, however, are more commonly found and more often needed than others. The experience needed between these careers varies just as much as the career options available. There are jobs that are more demanding than others, requiring years of training and expertise, while others require only basic training to give you the right credentials to enter the field.

  • Basic Electronics. Let’s face it: there are very few things we encounter each day that don’t have some electronic component. From phones, to hairdryers, to cars, electronics keep us functioning. In this Basic Electronics career diploma course, you can develop the foundational knowledge and skills behind electrical theory and gain practical expertise in testing, diagnosing, and repairing.
  • Computer Information Systems. If you’d like to take your computer information experience a step further, a Computer Information Systems Associate Degree can help you stand out in a competitive job market. You’ll learn skills in website design, database maintenance, and programming along with other professional skills such as public speaking, English Composition, and electives of your choosing.

Why choose a technology career

The need for knowledgeable experts in the technology field is growing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth to increase by 15 percent by the end of the decade, adding an estimated 682,800 new jobs. This faster-than-average growth is due to the fact that almost every type of business needs good, solid technology staff supporting them. You can look to work in many different settings such as schools, medical offices, law firms, government agencies, and even retail. It’s a financially lucrative field, too. The median salary as of May 2021 was $97,430.

Ashworth College provides comprehensive education to help you earn or enhance the skills needed to start or progress your technology career. There’s no need for prior experience, nor do you need to commit to a four-year degree or more to get your foot in the door. You also don’t need to give up your current job or struggle to make your studies fit around family commitments and other responsibilities. All of Ashworth’s affordable courses are self-paced and completely online, so you set when and where your study schedule works best for you.

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