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How Can a Construction Management Degree Improve My Career?

Written by Autumn Granza on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. Posted in Online College

Construction workers surveying the job site.

Earning a degree in construction management may be beneficial in a number of ways. Aside from increasing your earning potential, a degree may set you apart from others in your field and help you develop job-ready skills employers are looking for. Here’s how earning your degree can help you construct your career path.

What does a construction manager do?

Construction managers perform a variety of duties. They plan, budget, and oversee projects from start to finish. Projects may include buildings, residential, commercial, or industrial structures, roads, bridges, and more. Construction managers prepare estimates and timetables, communicate project updates and timelines to clients, and respond to emergencies or other issues that may arise on the job.

Aside from overseeing the project, construction managers also select subcontractors and coordinate their duties and availability. They work directly with architects and engineers to collaborate on projects. Construction managers may also work with city officials if the job requires them to do so.

How can you change your career by becoming a construction manager?

If you’re working as a laborer or in an entry-level position and want to do more, a career as a construction manager may be the right path for you. Construction managers are in demand and your knowledge and skills in the construction industry may give you an advantage. Aside from increasing your earning potential, learning in-demand skills may help you enhance your professional standing and stand out from your coworkers. Construction managers should possess

  • Analytical skills. Construction managers plan projects, set budgets, and correct issues as they arise.
  • Customer-service skills. Construction managers are always in contact with clients, inspectors, and city officials. It’s important that they form good relationships with the people they’ll be working closely with.
  • Leadership skills. Construction managers must know how to lead efficiently as they delegate work to other managers, workers, or subcontractors.

What education is required to become a construction manager?

To become a construction manager you need training. Experience in the trade as well as a relevant education may help you enter the field. You can increase your hiring potential by learning online, at your own pace as you continue working the trade. Ashworth College offers online programs such as

  • Construction Management Associate Degree program. In our online program, you may learn the skills that are in-demand to create a productive worksite in as little as six months. This program offers lessons in cost estimating, safety planning, commercial blueprints, and more.
  • Construction Management Undergraduate Certificate program. Our online certificate program may help you learn job-ready skills in as little as six months. You’ll take lessons that cover project scheduling, surveying fundamentals, drawings, and more.

Upon entering the field, you may be first hired as an assistant and work under an experienced construction manager. While not often required, construction managers may become certified to show their in-depth knowledge of the field.

How much does a construction manager make?

A construction manager’s salary may vary depending on the type of job they’re working. In 2021, the median salary of a construction manager was $98,890 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries may vary for engineering construction, specialty trade contractors, and residential and nonresidential construction. Construction managers typically work full time, however, since they have project deadlines to meet they often work additional hours.

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