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Hands-On Jobs You Can Study For Online

Written by Autumn Granza on Monday, 27 January 2020. Posted in Online College

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You enjoy work that’s engaging and hands-on. You may think that in order to gain the skills and experience you need to work in a field like carpentry or plumbing, you’ll need to be available to attend classes on the school’s schedule. Fortunately, online programs exist for a variety of hands-on careers. Ashworth College can help prepare you to enter the field at your own pace.

How online learning works

Online learning allows you to gain knowledge in a way that’s convenient for you. Before you jump in to a career, you need the skills to help you succeed. Online learning makes getting an education more convenient. By studying online, you can learn when and where you want. Lessons are available 24/7 and can be completed on a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Studying at your own pace allows you to digest the information presented to you before testing or moving on to the next lesson.

Online learning also means you don’t have to adjust your work schedule or choose between a paycheck or advancing yourself. It’s also becoming increasingly more popular and outcomes of online learners are on par, if not better, than those who go to a physical school in some cases.

While online learning means you won’t meet classmates face-to-face, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Ashworth’s Student Community allows you to connect with students in your program and find support. There are also resources available to help you as you progress through your studies.

Hands-on career programs at Ashworth College

If you aren’t sure which hands-on career program is best for you, Ashworth has options. Get your hands dirty with programs like

  • Automotive Automatic Transmissions. This career certificate programs helps students learn the maintenance and repair knowledge specific to automatic transmissions used in automobiles and light trucks.
  • Automotive Engine Performance. Students will learn advanced knowledge and practices used to diagnose and adjust automobile ignition, fuel, and pollution-control systems in this career certificate program.
  • Automotive HVAC. Our career certificate program helps students learn maintenance and repair knowledge specific to the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems used for automobiles and light trucks.
  • Automotive Technician. This career diploma program helps prepare students for entry-level jobs in the automotive vehicle repair and maintenance industry.
  • Basic Electronics. Students will learn the fundamental information for understanding the theory of AC and DC electricity and electronics in this career diploma program.
  • Carpentry. Our career diploma program helps students understand the materials, tools, and processes used by construction professionals to complete residential and light-commercial building projects.
  • Electrician Training. In this career diploma program, students will learn the theory and work practices necessary to pursue entry-level employment in the electrical trades.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning. Lessons in this career diploma program helps students understand HVAC/R theory, identify typical systems and components used for heating and air conditioning residential and commercial buildings, and understand the procedures for installation, troubleshooting, and maintaining HVAC/R installations and commercial refrigeration.
  • Home Inspection. Our career diploma program provides instruction on the tools and procedures required for inspecting standard building elements evaluated during a pre-purchase home inspection.
  • Locksmithing. Students in this career diploma program will study the basic understanding of the materials, tools, and processes used by locksmith professionals to install modern security hardware in homes, businesses, and automobiles.
  • Plumbing. Our career diploma program helps students understand the basic understanding of the materials, tools, and processes used by plumbing professionals to complete residential and light-commercial plumbing tasks.

Start today

Start working toward your new career path with Ashworth. Our hands-on programs help prepare you for a career at your own pace. Take the first step by talking with an Admissions Advisor at or enroll online.

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