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Want a worthwhile career? Get on track with online Medical Office Assistant training

Written by Allison Brenner on Friday, 07 February 2014. Posted in Career, Healthcare

Want a Worthwhile Career? Get On Track With Online Medical Office Assistant Training

Are you considering a career in the medical field? Do you want to work closely with doctors and help patients but don’t have the money or time to go all the way through medical school? There are ways you can begin working toward a career in the booming field of healthcare without having to earn an advanced degree. For instance, if you work toward a career as a medical office assistant and land a job, you will spend your days working with medical professionals and patients one-on-one. You’ll fulfill many important tasks that are vital to helping a hospital, doctor’s office or other medical facility run smoothly.

Medical office assistants are in-demand

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that careers for medical assistants will increase 16% by the year 2031. This means there will be an increase of 123,000 positions available for those with the proper education. By getting your Online Medical Assistant Training from Ashworth College, you can be on the road to your career destination. When you graduate from the Medical Office Assistant Career Diploma program, you will be more prepared to earn your Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) certification from our partner, the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). As a bonus, the cost of the exam is covered in your tuition.

So what would this impressive credential mean for your future career? It may well help you stand out among applicants to land a great job in the medical office assisting field, handling functions necessary to the operation of a healthcare facility and wellbeing of patients. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals need medical assistants who can perform a variety of integral roles.

  • Inpatient onboarding: What would a medical office be without patients? Patients are the sole reason the medical office even exists, so by being the one to welcome and admit the patients to see the doctors, you are fulfilling a most crucial role. As a medical office assistant, you’ll be responsible for recording each patient’s information, entering that information into the system and possibly conducting preliminary tasks in preparation for clinical tests such as taking vital signs.
  • Maintaining supply inventory: Lab tests, procedures and even check-ups can’t be done without the availability of the necessary supplies. The medical office assistant is in charge of being sure those supplies are ordered and ready to go so the patient receives adequate medical care. This responsibility gives you the opportunity to learn what each tool, medicine and machine does, how it is used and when it is necessary. Your knowledge helps make the medical facility be more competent and reputable.
  • Processing insurance: As we all know, insurance is a necessary component of the healthcare field. It helps patients get coverage and ensures medical professionals get paid. By working with the insurance companies and ensuring the forms are being completed and filed correctly, you’re contributing to making the office run smoothly for people on all sides of this partnership.

Your online medical office assistant training helps to prepare you for an exciting career. Your skills are needed now!

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