International Bridge Online College Program

Did you complete your 3-year bachelor's degree outside of the United States? If so, you're at the right place to prepare for your advanced degree. In our International Bridge online college program you can complete the 4-year undergraduate degree prerequisite for a graduate program.

How It Works

  • Learn at your own pace on your schedule
  • Get academic support by email, phone or online
  • Content delivered via online lessons and custom study guides
  • Prerequisite: Three-year bachelor's degree (non-U.S. school)
  • This is a two-semester program

What You Get

  • Textbook and/or comprehensive online resources
  • Learning guides with practical activities and research projects
  • Opportunity to participate in our live graduation ceremony
  • Personalized career guidance

Fill the gap in your education in our International Bridge online college program. Call 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online today.