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How to Use Your Medical Assistant Diploma

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Career, Healthcare

Your Medical Assistant Diploma and What Comes Next

You’ve earned your medical assistant diploma and now you’re ready to enter the growing healthcare field. When it comes to putting your degree to work, where do you start? Medical assistants can work in various healthcare settings. They may also perform administrative or clinical tasks in practices. Here’s what you may be doing as a medical assistant.

Where can I work?

Some medical assistants graduate from online colleges and go on to work in hospitals. Others work in outpatient clinics, surgical centers, rehab facilities, or nursing homes. By completing your medical assistant diploma at an accredited online school like Ashworth College, you’ll be on the path to assisting in a variety of healthcare settings.

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What will I do?

With our medical assistant course, you can learn skills that may later be applied to administrative and clinical tasks in a medical practice. You may stock supplies, answer phones, set up machines or explain treatment procedures. But you may also use computers to schedule appointments, input data, process insurance paperwork, and handle information according to HIPAA regulations. Your days could be full of variety!

What if I want more?

Your medical assistant diploma may unlock great opportunities, but you may want more. A medical assistant course can be a smart lead-in to an additional diploma or certificate in any number of healthcare specialties offered by Ashworth College. You may even want to pursue an associate, bachelor’s , or master’s degree in healthcare management or nursing. With your medical assistant diploma, you can open more doors to your career or further education.

Whether you’re ready to start your career in medical assisting, or thinking about continuing your healthcare education, the accredited online college programs offered at Ashworth College can be a great place to start.

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