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What is Human Resource Administration?

Written by Autumn Granza on Wednesday, 20 May 2020. Posted in Online College

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Human resource administration, or HR, is the oversight of the employment experience of workers within an organization or company. Responsible for a wide array of duties, human resource administrators oversee their workforce and employee development. Administrators should have strong communication and decision making skills and be detail oriented.

What does a human resource administrator do?

Human resource administrators may be trained in all human resource disciplines and undertake tasks in each area. Administrators guide employees through procedures and answer questions pertaining to policies. They may also help employers with the hiring process by identifying employment needs and interviewing applicants. Administrators may also contact a job applicant’s references and assist with background checks. In addition to helping with the hiring process, administrators may also help organize and conduct employee orientation.

Human resource administrators may also enforce policies, oversee performance growth, and assistant with designing compensation programs. Additionally, HR administrators may also process payroll and administer benefits.

How much does a human resource administrator make?

HR administrators may be hired for any work setting, including legal, educational, commercial, and government organizations. Their salary may vary depending on their duties and location. In 2021, the median pay for a human resource specialist was $62,290 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. HR administrators often work full time during regular business hours.

How do you become a human resource administrator?

To enter the field, you need training. Our online Human Resource Administration Associate Degree program may help you take the first steps towards launching a career you enjoy. You’ll take lessons such as

  • Introduction to Business. In this lesson, you’ll receive a broad overview of the business world, including the business environment, ownership, marketing, technology, and more.
  • Principles of Management. You’ll learn an understanding of the practices of management with an emphasis on planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. You’ll also learn leadership and motivational techniques and more.
  • Employment Law. In this lesson, you’ll learn about issues in employment law and the relationship between employers and employees. You’ll also receive an understanding of the laws that protect employees from unlawful discrimination, worker’s compensation, and union agreements.
  • Principles of Public Speaking. You’ll learn skills to develop your public speaking, methods and steps to prepare speeches, and develop your communication skills through listening and speech criticism.

Our online HR program can be done in six months while you study at home, at your own pace. Once you complete the program you may have a better understanding of the various HR roles you’ll encounter as an administrator.

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