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What does efficient mean at Ashworth College?

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 14 December 2017. Posted in Why Ashworth

What Does Efficient Mean at Ashworth College?

At Ashworth College, we promise an online learning experience that is fast and efficient. We do that because we know going to college is not the only thing on our students’ plates. We also know there are often times you wish for an extra hour in the day. Since we can’t create more time in the day, we know it’s important that your college education is as smooth as possible, well-organized, and helps you maximize the effort you’re putting toward achieving your goals without wasting time. From fast responses to making sure every interaction with an advisor is focused on your needs, here is what our promise of efficiency means for you.

Convenient and quick enrollment

The enrollment process at Ashworth College is designed to make it easy for students to go after their dreams. There is no application fee and no prerequisites for most career courses. Anyone applying to Ashworth can also skip tracking down and sending in standardized tests, GMAT, or GRE scores. All prospective students have to do is read our minimum program prerequisites and complete an online form.

No waiting to start

Ashworth College accepts enrollments all year long! Most of our students can’t wait to start their education. For some, achieving that degree or credential has been a lifelong dream. For others, it’s an important step in achieving their career goals. No matter what, we want to do everything possible to help students start when they want. With our admissions process, a student can start his or her first lesson the day they enroll by logging on to the student portal from any computer!

Apply previous credits

For some of our students, this is not the first time they have enrolled in college. That can be good news if they are working on finishing their program quickly. We accept college credit from previously attended colleges to apply towards an associate or bachelor’s degree. Transcripts can be sent anytime within 90 days of enrollment. We will evaluate them to grant any eligible transfer credits.

Reach your goals on your terms

The study guides in our courses are designed to help students advance quickly through each course. Courses are self-paced so you can review exercises, practice questions, and dig into supplemental readings when it fits your schedule - not the other way around. Plus, students can master a specific lesson then move on the next without delay.

Support tailored for you

Even though all Ashworth College programs are online and students study individually, support is available – no matter if it’s academic or related to career goals. When students need help, they contact one of our academic or career advisors. The advisor then works closely with the student to give them the personalized help they need.

Our students have big dreams and we want to do everything we can to support them achieving those goals quickly. Ashworth College can make enrolling in college and getting to graduation smoother by providing relevant career training, educational enhancement, and flexible, affordable courses. With our dedication to efficiency, Ashworth College allows students to advance their education at a pace that suits their needs.

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