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What Can You Do with a Degree in Healthcare Management?

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Thursday, 22 April 2021. Posted in Career

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Have you ever wondered just how hospitals and other medical facilities run smoothly? Healthcare managers are the behind-the-scenes operators who ensure the important, administrative aspects are working to their top potential. Keep reading to find out more about the important role they play, and what you need to start your career in this in-demand field.

What do healthcare managers do?

Healthcare managers are leaders in the healthcare industry, overseeing specific services provided by a medical or healthcare facility. Their regular duties include scheduling shifts, hiring staff, coordinating communication between departments, keeping track of finances, and making sure compliance is met. In short, they are the managers responsible for taking charge of the duties that ensure things run effectively and efficiently, operationally and financially.

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Where do healthcare managers work?

Because they are managers in charge of the back-end functions of facilities, the typical setting for healthcare managers is in an office. The typical workplace setting is most usually located in a hospital, but they are also found in doctors’ offices, residential nursing facilities, or outpatient clinics. Additionally, they may even run dental clinics, diagnostic centers, surgical facilities, and even as part of various government agencies. In short, healthcare managers are needed and can be found in any setting that deals with medical and healthcare practices. While they typically work a 40-hour week, they may be expected to work evenings or weekends in settings that are open all hours, like hospitals or inpatient facilities. They may also be expected to keep on-call hours in case emergencies arise.

What degree do you need for healthcare management?

Healthcare managers must have strong leadership skills, as well as be detail oriented. In addition to these natural skills, they also should possess a degree, like Ashworth College’s Healthcare Management Bachelor’s Degree. The self-paced, online coursework covers healthcare topics like anatomy and physiology, medical sociology, and medical laws and ethics, as well as leadership and management curriculum including healthcare delivery systems, healthcare economics, and human resource management.

It isn’t required by every state, but some healthcare managers may need to obtain licensing. It is best to check what your state’s laws are when beginning the program, so you can be prepared to attain any further qualifications you may require.

Manage your future

If you’re ready for an education that’s self-paced, online, and affordable, Ashworth College might be right for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for healthcare managers to increase much faster than average in the next 10 years, with the job growth expected to expand by 28%. Take the first steps towards managing your future healthcare career by calling an Admissions Advisor at or enroll online today.

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