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What can I do with a General Studies degree?

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 09 May 2018. Posted in Why Ashworth

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What can I do with a General Studies degree?

You can do anything with a General Studies degree! College degrees are required for some jobs and career paths but who says you have to home in on a single study area when there are so many exciting worlds to explore?

It’s the 21st century and no one is expected to hold one particular job, or work for one particular company for decades like our parents (or grandparents) did. As startups come and go, old corporations get acquired, and consulting services grow in demand, it makes a lot more sense for professionals to maintain multiple interests and agile skills.

What are the benefits of a General Studies degree?

You may be just out of high school, at the start of your career.

You may need a degree in order to secure a promotion at your current job.

You may be somewhere in between and ready for something new.

No matter where you are in life, a degree of any kind shows employers that you are disciplined, able to set a goal and follow it through to completion. So as long as that pay increase or dream job isn’t contingent on a specialized education, a General Studies program could be exactly what you need.

What will I learn from a General Studies degree?

Some schools refer to general studies programs as “interdisciplinary studies” because you don’t have to choose courses only from one discipline. When your focus is “interdisciplinary,” your focus is every discipline–from math to marketing to English. If you fall in love with an area of study, you can study it more. If you don’t, you can leave it behind.

In addition, when your studies interest you, you learn more and when you learn more, you’re more likely find success. Success builds confidence and confidence makes you more desirable to potential employers.

What skills will I get from a General Studies degree?

Ashworth College offers an Associate of Arts in General Studies, an Undergraduate Certificate in General Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. In addition to plenty of elective courses, each program level includes some required general education courses to ensure your development of foundational post-secondary-level skills.

At every program level, you will also develop skills that aren’t included in any curriculum. As with all college students, you’ll find that continuing education helps you grow in

  • Character
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Follow through
  • Organization
  • Communication skills

Is a General Studies degree a good fit for me?

A focus on a General Studies education is a focus on exploration. Being uncertain about a career focus for your entire life is not a weakness. It takes real honesty and personal awareness to know you’re not ready to decide. Use your General Studies education as an opportunity to determine your interests and, remember, you may not ever have to choose just one. A broad skill set can valuable to employers and to the self-employed.

The bottom line: You don’t have to limit yourself to a particular course of study to get the benefits of a degree.

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