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Want to Learn to Manage a Restaurant or Hotel?

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Thursday, 12 November 2020. Posted in Career

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For a restaurant or hotel to run smoothly, good management must be in place. Hotel and restaurant managers take on a lot of responsibilities to not only ensure customers have a good experience, but that the business remains profitable and successful.

What is hotel and restaurant management?

It takes a lot of staff to successfully run a restaurant or a hotel. From servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff, to housekeeping and guest services, they look to strong leadership to run in an efficient and productive manner. A hotel or restaurant manager organizes the staff and business operations to ensure its financial success. To be successful, they must have diverse knowledge in administration, marketing, and finance. Hotel and restaurant managers are responsible for delegating duties to employees and department managers while maintaining customer satisfaction and managing the business’s financial health.

What makes managing a hotel or restaurant different?

While the basic duties between a hotel manager and a restaurant manager are similar, there are differences in both job-related tasks and the qualifications needed. The most obvious difference is that restaurants provide food and beverages while hotels provide lodging, though hotels may also contain restaurants for which the manager may also be responsible. Both jobs require a high school diploma, but high-end, fine dining establishments may prefer managerial candidates to have further educational qualifications. Similarly, large hotels require courses from an accredited educational institution.

What job opportunities are there in hotel and restaurant management?

Because there are varying types of restaurants and hotels, the job opportunities vary just as widely. You’ll have the option to pursue management opportunities at family-owned restaurants, chain restaurants, and fine dining establishments as well as chain hotels, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and resorts where you may work with individual customers, groups, and corporate events. It’s also a good career choice financially; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotel managers have a median yearly income of $59,430 while restaurant managers have an average salary of $59,440.

How can I become a hotel and restaurant manager?

In the hotel and restaurant management industry, a good education is valued. With Ashworth College’s Hotel and Restaurant Management career diploma, you can gain just that. You’ll be poised to learn about the evolution of the hospitality industry, branding and image, the duties of different departments, and tools for measuring results completely online from an accredited program. You’ll be on track towards earning the skills needed to manage offices, work in guest services, and direct food service and catering. With courses completely online, you’ll also have the ability to study flexibly from anywhere at any time that’s most convenient for you.

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