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Top 10 Tools for HVAC Technicians

Written by Autumn Granza on Wednesday, 05 February 2020. Posted in Career

HVAC unit.

A career in HVAC means you’ll need to become familiar with an array of tools. Instead of getting overwhelmed with all the devices you’ll need in your belt, take some time to become familiar with each. Here are the top 10 tools you’ll need to get the job done as an HVAC technician.

1. Hammer

As an HVAC Technician, you won’t get far without a hammer. Technicians should carry a light-weight straight claw hammer to help complete various tasks. A lighter hammer is recommended so your tool belt doesn’t get weighed down.

2. Screwdrivers

Having an array of screwdrivers will help prepare you for any situation you may encounter as a technician. Your arsenal should include Phillips, flat head, hex key, and torx in various sizes. This will ensure you’re able to get the job done no matter the screw or bolt size or shape in the HVAC system. Screwdrivers are also multi-functional and may come in handy if you need to pry open a vent. Your set should also have insulated handles to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

3. Pliers

A plier set will come in handy when you’re working with various sizes of wires, bolts, pipes, and more. Needle nose pliers come in a variety of sizes and shapes that will help you manipulate and cut wires. An insulated set will make sure they last and are durable and will also help prevent you from getting shocked while you work with electrical components.

4. Wrenches

Like pliers and screwdrivers, the more the merrier. Having small, medium, and large wrenches available will come in handy. Technicians should also keep pipe wrenches readily available. Some HVAC systems may involve gas lines and connections to plumbing, so multiple sized wrenches will come in handy.

5. Tape measure

Whether you keep it on a belt loop or off to the side, sooner or later you're going to need a tape measure. HVAC technicians should keep a 25-foot tape measure on standby. It’ll be put to good use as you measure air conditioners, furnaces, and more.

6. Flashlight/Headlamp

You need to see clearly to complete a job but may be working in dark spaces. A flashlight will certainly make it easier. For hands-free convenience, get a headlamp. This will allow you to still see as you tinker with wires.

7. Battery-powered drill

A battery-powered cordless drill allows for portability as you move around to get the job done. Your drill should also have all of the essential bits, like Phillips, hex key, and more. Keep a backup battery so you can get through the day without needing a charging break.

8. Sawzall

The sawzall can literally saw it all—depending on the blade of course—making it the perfect HVAC tool to cut through metal and pipe. This tool is a must-have for HVAC technicians. Sawzalls may be wired and battery powered. The wired sawzall is best for long periods of use without losing power or torque. The battery powered sawzall is portable and helps you get the job done while maneuvering in tight spaces.

9. Extension cords

Important, but often overlooked, extension cords will come in handy if you’re working with tools that don’t have rechargeable batteries. You’ll be thankful you brought this 50-foot cord to the job site.

10. Step ladder

Sometimes you need the extra boost. A 4-foot ladder is sure to do the trick. You want to make sure the ladder is the ideal size to maneuver around and carry from use to use. It may be best to choose a fiberglass ladder. This will help prevent you from getting shocked while working with electrical components.

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