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Pharmacy technician training: what employers really want

Written by Ashworth College on Friday, 27 April 2018. Posted in Career

Pharmacy technician training: what employers really want

Every Pharmacy Technician training program teaches essential know-how like medication safety, measurements and calculations, dosage forms, prescription reading, etc.

If you really want to land a great job as a pharmacy tech, you’ll have to give potential employers what they really want–something extra than the standard training. Here are four things pharmacies need to see in every new hire.

1. Customer service with heart

Any pharmacy tech can be trained to fill a prescription. That’s all many customers need. It’s when customers feel poorly that they really need a pharmacy that can deliver more than medication. Your potential employers know their customer base can include everyone from exhausted caretakers to patients who are too sick to think straight. Show them you’re the pharmacy tech who can display patience and compassion to every customer who walks through the door.

2. Impeccable attention to details

Details are not everyone’s strong suit and that’s okay, but they’re non-negotiable in a pharmacy. Potential employers need to know you can be trusted absolutely with the medications that are both life-saving and life-threatening depending on the dosage.

Don’t take for granted that all aspiring pharmacy techs excel at details. Highlight your skills! Let your potential employers know that you can accurately:

  • Verify customer and prescription information
  • Pre-pack bulk medications and fill individual doses
  • Prepare and affix labels and instructions
  • Answer calls, respond to in-person requests, and fulfill purchases simultaneously
  • Manage the storage and security of pharmacy inventory

3. Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) certification

In some states, you must be certified and/or licensed before you can work in a pharmacy. But, even if you plan to work in a state that has no requirement, holding your (CPhT) certification shows potential employers that your skills meet an industry standard. Being a CPhT may increase your employment opportunities or boost your pay, too.

Ashworth College pharmacy technician training tuition includes the CPhT exam by the National Healthcareer Association or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and that makes it easy for you to choose one you prefer.*


Ashworth College partners with Walgreens and CVS to provide you with hands-on training in a community pharmacy environment.

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4. Proven experience

Having experience in order to get experience can be a Catch-22. That’s why it’s important to study in a pharmacy technician training program that includes an internship or externship.

No matter how hard you study, or how high your GPA, working alongside experienced professionals teaches you things you’ll never get from a lesson plan. Being a student in a real work environment allows you the chance to ask every question, overcome nerves, and even discover your own likes and dislikes about your potential career paths. In the end, you’ll graduate with much-needed experience for your resume, an excellent reference, and maybe some job leads, too.

Gain industry-standard skills and start developing your career path through the  Pharmacy Technician Training Career Diploma program at Ashworth College.

*Certification exam prerequisites vary. Please check with NHS and PTCB for their requirements.

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