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Pharmacy Technician Training Tools in the Lab

Written by Ashworth College on Tuesday, 11 July 2017. Posted in Healthcare

Pharmacy Technician Training Tools in the Lab

Ever wonder what a pharmacy technician actually does? If you’ve ever walked into your local drugstore to fill a prescription, you probably talked to one. Among other things, pharmacy technicians are the ones who fill and supply your prescriptions. They are pharmaceutical experts who control and maintain the drugs in the pharmacy, and act as customer service representatives for anyone who has questions.

With keen attention to detail and expansive knowledge of the drug industry, pharmacy technicians are an important part of the healthcare industry. Whether if you’re looking for a career change, the Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma program at Ashworth College can help put you on your path to earning your pharmacy tech certification and becoming a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT).

Before taking on these duties, it’s important to understand the different types of tools that a pharmacy technician is required to use.

Pharmacy Technician equipment and tools

Lab balances

Lab balances are fundamental for any pharmacy. These machines are used for a variety of reasons, including prescription preparation, tablet counting and measurement. From portable balances to analytical balances, there are many different lab balances that you will need to know how to use before you become earn your pharmacy tech certification.

Lab blenders and emulsifiers

With our program, you’ll learn how to use lab blenders and emulsifiers as it relates to the chemical processes of the medical industry.

Automatic bottle filling machines

Bottle filling machines are vital for the pharmaceutical packaging process, whether it’s liquid or powder. With the amount of prescriptions filled in the United States per day, an automatic process is more than necessary.

Computer-based dispensing equipment

These types of systems are designed to assist the pharmacist with tasks including receiving prescriptions and dispensing medications. Computer systems such as this allow the pharmacy to run efficiently and effectively.

Now that you understand some of the different types of tools that come along with a pharmacy technician career, here’s how you can get started on your path to success!

At Ashworth College, we offer a pharmacy technician training program that may prepare you for the pharmacy tech certification exam, the responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, and the laboratory tools that you will use. The good news is that you can get started right away. Contact us to learn more about our programs!

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