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New Year – New Site

Written by Allison Brenner on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in General

Our new site makes it easier to find the right course for you!

New Year – New Site

The Ashworth College website,, has had a facelift! Our site has an all new look and feel with greater functionality, while retaining all of the same helpful career information and accredited course details as before. Okay, so why did we update the site? While the old site was descriptive and helpful, there were some issues that needed to be dealt with to better serve our students.

Find Exactly What You're Looking For Easily

For starters, it's easier than ever for you to find the exact career diploma, certificate or degree program that fits your aspirations. The navigation has been streamlined so it's simple for you to locate exactly what you're looking for. Just glance at the top of the page to decide whether a career diploma or degree or career certificate is right for you.

Choose a Program by Profession

Sometimes, knowing what you want to accomplish is all you have to go on. Do you know what you want to do once you complete your career training or degree program, but aren't sure which program will help you get there? Have no fear: There's a solution for that too. By looking under "Programs by Career", you'll be able to see a list of popular career choices and some programs offered that could help you work in the industry you desire.

Flexible Tuition

Another great new tool offered is the tuition calculator. Select how much you want to pay for your down payment and how much you can pay each month and the calculator tells you when your education will be paid in full – zero percent interest always, of course! This makes attending school online affordable.

So explore the new site, and see what new things you can discover. Navigating our site should be as easy as the decision to get your education online. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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Allison Brenner

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