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Video: Is online college right for you?

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 23 August 2017. Posted in Why Ashworth

Video: Is Online College Right For You?

If you’re thinking about going back to school, you know there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a college. This is especially true if you’re also balancing work, family and other responsibilities with your studies. Luckily, online degree programs offer a variety of opportunities that can fit most people’s needs. But is online college right for you?

From program offerings, to affordability, to schedule options, here are a few things you should consider.

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Is Online College For You?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a college. Does it offer the program you’re interested in? Is it affordable? Does it fit with your lifestyle?

For many students today, school isn’t their only responsibility. They’re also balancing work, family and other obligations. If this is the case for you, online education might be a good fit. Here are a few things to consider.

  • It’s flexible.
    Online Programs allow you to fit school into your busy life. With a self- paced online program, you decide when it’s study time.
  • It requires self-motivation.
    As an online student you are responsible for making sure you get things done. Setting deadlines and sticking to the is key.
  • The world is your classroom.
    You can learn anywhere (with wi-fi). You can study at a coffee shop, from the comfort of your couch, or even when you are traveling.
  • Having a go-to study is good, too.
    Sometimes the freedom to study anywhere can lead to distractions. If you need a quiet place to concentrate, make sure you can find a special spot that is just for study time.
  • You have access to around-the-clock support.
    Instead of waiting for office hours, you can reach out to instructors or your advisor online at any time.
  • Creating Connections takes effort.
    Building a relationship with instructors and your advisor is vital for success. Since you won’t be in a classroom every day, reaching out to foster those relationships will help you feel more connected.

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