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How much do vet techs make, anyway?

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Monday, 16 January 2023. Posted in Career

How much do vet techs make, anyway?

As an animal lover, you want to make a career from your passion: helping pets and their humans. Becoming a veterinary technician seems like the perfect career choice. As a vet tech, you’ll work with veterinarians to see sick or injured animals and often be responsible for collecting samples, performing medical tests, and prepping exam rooms. Depending on the veterinary practice or animal clinic you work for, those duties can vary. While those tasks sound like your dream job, as much as you love making a difference, salary matters, too. The median pay for a practicing vet tech in 2021 was $17.72 per hour or $36,850 per year. However, depending on the state you live in, your credentials, and your specific employer, potential entry-level pay can fluctuate. Here are some key factors that affect vet tech pay and responsibilities.

How to Upskill Yourself: Earn More and Grow Your Career

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Wednesday, 11 January 2023. Posted in Career

Woman standing behind a counter wearing scrubs, looking at the camera. Man standing on the opposite side, to the right, looking at the camera.

As times change, so do job markets and job descriptions. As companies grow and change, employees need to be able to do the same in order to stay relevant and move up in their field. That’s where upskilling comes in. It’s a cost-effective way to add to your resume and personal skills toolkit, helping to enable you to take the next steps in your career. Read more to learn what upskilling is, why it’s important, and how Ashworth can help you do it.

3 Reasons to Enroll in Online College

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Tuesday, 22 November 2022. Posted in Career

Man with dark hair wearing headphones looking at a computer screen with his hands up to his face.

Deciding to enroll in college is a big step, with a lot of things to consider. It isn’t just enough to know you want to go to school, you have to factor in time, cost, degree types, and what it is that you want to study. If you feel intimidated by those choices, online school can offer a good balance to help make reaching your goals a lot easier.

5 Jobs You Can Do Online

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Tuesday, 23 August 2022. Posted in Career

Woman in white and black shirt working on a laptop.

With the ever-changing state of the world, the last few years have seen more people switch from working in traditional offices to work-from-home careers. Not only do many people feel safer, but online jobs also offer flexibility that wasn’t really available to most in the past. This flexibility offers more ease for parents when it comes to childcare, the ability to travel and spend more time with friends and family, as well as a salary and benefits offered at in-office roles. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to find out which jobs you can do online, and what you’ll need to get started.

Going Back to School as an Adult

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Friday, 08 July 2022. Posted in Career

Two women standing and one woman sitting looking at a computer screen with bookshelves and an American flag in the background.

Not everyone has the experience of completing their degree on a traditional timetable, but that doesn’t mean your academic dreams are over. If you’re considering going back to school to pursue your education, you may have a lot of questions, including if it is even possible at this stage of your life. Don’t worry, though. Even if you have a busy schedule as an adult, it is possible to go back to school with Ashworth College.

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