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An Online Learner’s Back to School Checklist

Written by Autumn Granza on Thursday, 15 August 2019. Posted in Online College

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As an online learner, back to school season may look a little bit different compared to what you were used to in a traditional school. You might think you can wake up and start classes on a whim, but it’s important you plan like any other student. From creating a study area to purchasing supplies, planning can help you make sure you’re set up for success when learning at home or on the go. Here are some tips to help you get back to school ready.

Make sure you have a study space

Learning online means you need to find your own space where you feel comfortable studying. This area should make you want to produce the best work possible. When organizing a study space, be sure to limit distractions and set study rules for yourself and share these rules with your family. You also want to make sure this space is organized and all the items you need are within reach. Additionally, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable in your space. You don’t want to work in a broken chair or on a messy bed. You’ll be uneasy and you won’t be able to concentrate on studying. Take it a step further and personalize your study area. Most importantly, use this area only for studying. This way you’ll be in learning mode and you’ll make the best use of your time.

School supplies are important

Before heading back to school, make sure you have all the essentials. Here are few must haves before you hit the books:

  • Your device is your most important school supply. Since you’re studying online your most important supplies are your laptop, tablet, or phone and internet. Make sure your device is in good condition and has enough storage to handle downloads or files you may need. Make sure your internet service is reliable. If not, always have a backup plan. Find your closest library or coffee shop that has free wifi and plan to study there in case of an outage.
  • Invest in a flash drive. If your computer crashes, you could potentially lose a lot of work. Having a flash drive to back up your files and documents can be a lifesaver.
  • Pencils, notebooks, and more. Pencils and notebooks might not come to mind when you think of learning online, but they’re just as important. You should stock up on writing utensils, notebooks, and note cards so you’re prepared to start your lessons. Keep these items in your study space and within reach.

Stay organized

Organization is key when you’re an online student. A planner can make all the difference when keeping track of exam dates, study time, and homework on top of work and family obligations. You can purchase a planner with your school supplies or use an online calendar to keep track of your busy schedule.

In addition to a planner, you’ll want to keep all your schoolwork and notes organized. If the traditional pen and paper note-keeping option isn’t the best way for you, try Google Docs. This free online document tool allows you to type your notes and keeps them organized while also being easily accessible. Another way to keep all your files and documents organized and all in one place is on Google Drive. This online file storage space allows you to upload documents, files, and images and easily share them with others.

Get to know your classmates

Learning online often feels like you’re in this alone, but you’re not. Truth is, there are thousands of students studying online with Ashworth, just like you. While Ashworth has countless resources available to help you succeed, it’s important to make connections. Getting to know your classmates and forming friendships can be beneficial to your studies. By meeting someone in your program—or even in a different program—you can talk about your studies and help keep each other accountable and on track. Meet students just like you by joining Ashworth’s Community in your Student Portal.

Make this school year count

Whether you’re pursuing a certification or college degree, take the time you need to succeed and start your educational journey off right. If you’re unsure of what program to pursue or if online learning is right for you, take the first steps towards your education by calling an Admissions Advisor at .

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