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Ashworth College Admissions Advisor finds meaning in her work

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 26 July 2018. Posted in Why Ashworth

Ashworth College Admissions Advisor Finds Meaning In Her Work

We’re not so different from the students we serve. Like them, we each have our individual goals, dreams, personal roadblocks, and vision for who want to be and where we want to go. Here at Ashworth College, we’re all about inspiring and enabling students to be their best selves, so we thought we’d share insights into what motivates our staff to GO BEYOND the ordinary and always—always—strive for more.

Being on the phone 8+ hours per day may sound like some people’s worst nightmare, but Ashworth College Admissions Advisor Shana Spann says it’s never a challenge for her.

“I like helping people uplift their lives. When someone is making a decision that can affect their life and they include my opinion in that decision –that’s an honor to me.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Shana spent years working in customer service for pre-K and kindergarten with the New York City Department of Education. Then, after their mother’s passing, she and her sister decided to try something new and make a fresh start in Atlanta, GA. Shana joined Ashworth College as a temp in March 2017, and was quickly moved into a full-time role in July of the same year.

“Everyone here is incredibly nice,” she notes. “New York has attitude, but I feel like I can be myself here.”

In her role, Shana handles questions about all schools and programs, allowing her insight into the type of people Ashworth College serves.

“People in their thirties are mainly looking for career changes, while people in their fifties are tired or what they’ve been doing and are starting to look at things they can do from home in retirement, like Medical Billing and Coding.”

Shana’s favorite part of her day is telling someone they’re now enrolled and hearing the excitement coming from them over the phone. But how do you talk on the phone all day and not get a little burned out?

“You have to remember that every single person calling us is looking to improve their life,” said Shana. “Whether or not they enroll, I spend my day talking to people who are looking to go beyond and better themselves. How can I not be inspired by that?”

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