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Certification Training and Exam Package

Travel Agent training expands your world view! As a student in Ashworth College's Travel Agent training, you can learn to plan business and pleasure trips for individuals, families, and corporate travelers, all online. Ashworth College's Travel Agent training also prepares you for the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) Test administered by The Travel Institute. Your TAP Certificate of Proficiency can help show prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge it takes to be a proven master of travel industry basics.

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Lesson Group 1 – Orientation: Ashworth College Career Program

Lesson: Learning at Ashworth  

The goals and values of Ashworth College; time management; creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule; the nature and purpose of assessments; how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination; developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Lesson: Concepts in Business and Self-Employment  

Evaluating your business idea; setting yourself apart from the competition; market testing; investment funding and donation funding; qualities of an entrepreneur; crowdfunding and angel investors.

Lesson Group 2 – Travel Geography

Lesson: Geography Basics  

Locating world regions on a map: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Oceania, and Africa; the primary countries in the world regions; the major cities in the world regions and their attractions.

Lesson: Destination Geography  

How technological advances, including the Internet, have revolutionized the travel industry; the geographic needs of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry; using map skills to find a destination; converting time on the 24-hour clock to the a.m./p.m. system; calculating the time difference between two points; differentiating between weather and climate and identify the distinguishing features of weather.

Lesson: North American Aviation and Airports  

Factors affecting domestic airline fares and tickets; airline ticket distribution and airline reservations systems; airport design; the hub-and-spoke system; major aircraft in use today; security measures from preflight through landing; airport and airline management; airline, airport, and booking codes of the major North American carriers and cities.

Lesson: International Travel  

The documentation needed for international travel; the purpose and procedures of U.S. Customs; online resources for international travelers; currency exchange and advice for travelers who must exchange currency; international reservations, ticketing, and boarding.

Lesson Group 3 – Types of Travel

Lesson: Rail and Road Travel  

The history of rail travel in the United States, including Amtrak's history and service; Eurail history and service; famous rail routes worldwide; the contribution the automobile has made to travel; car rental companies, customer qualifications, and advantages/disadvantages of car rentals; the difference between domestic and international car rentals.

Lesson: Cruising  

How sea transportation became the cruise industry; the principal cruise lines; freighter travel; the cruising areas of the world; the changing cruise passenger demographic; how to make a reservation on a cruise ship.

Lesson: World Tours  

The types of tours; the elements of a tour; niche marketing; tour sales and operations and list the variables that affect the cost of a tour; organizations and associations active in tour promotion and regulation; tour development; the role of the tour operator.

Lesson: The Hospitality Industry  

The evolution of the modern hotel; the various types of hotels; hotel brands; the elements of a reservation; variables that affect room rates; the role of food and beverage in the hospitality industry.

Lesson: Meetings and Marketing  

Incentive travel; the marketing concept; potential meeting sites; the importance of meetings to the travel industry; the needs of a meeting; the meeting planner's role; where the travel, tourism, and hospitality product is sold; the benefits of selling travel insurance; the characteristics of an effective salesperson.

Lesson Group 4—The Global Distribution System

Lesson: The Global Distribution System  

The components and operations of the Global Distribution System (GDS); how to "sine" into and out of the GDS; how to move from one area to the next on a GDS screen; the special purpose keys; how to encode and decode cities, airline equipment, and airlines via the GDS.

Lesson: Building the Itinerary  

Types of flight routings; city pairs and air availability commands; interpreting an air availability display; how to sell flights; interpreting pricing and fare quote display; how to sell cars and hotels.

Lesson: Building the Passenger Name Record  

How to create a Passenger Name Record (PNR); how to add required and optional data fields; how to retrieve an existing PNR and display passenger data; how to read and modify existing PNRs.

Lesson: Travel Agent Skills  

The importance of computer skills; the value of communication skills in building a successful business; developing a specialty; ways to set your business apart in the market.

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Why choose Ashworth College for your Travel Agent Training?

  • Ashworth College online Travel Agent training program is one of the most affordable online programs available.
  • What's more, our travel agent course helps prepare you to take The Travel Institute Travel Agent Proficiency Test* upon graduation to get your travel agent certification. Your exam fee is included as part of your tuition, which means no additional cost to you!
  • Your up-to-date curriculum includes important topics, such as geography, national and worldwide air travel, cruises, lodging and accommodations, corporate travel, and reservation systems.
  • Your travel agent courses teach you the procedures for managing bookings and reservations.
  • Your online certificate course includes access to online training simulation for popular reservation software systems.
  • Your travel agent training includes numerous virtual field trips to Internet locations that will expand the depth of your instruction and assist in the development of your personal resource collection.

Travel Agent Training Certification

Ashworth College career school partners with The Travel Institute to provide you with a valuable opportunity to take the Travel Agent Proficiency Test. Upon passing the TAP Test, you'll obtain the TAP Certificate of Proficiency.

Why take the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) Test through The Travel Institute?

  • The Travel Institute is the education destination for all travel professionals, promoting a standard of industry knowledge and excellence since 1964.
  • The TAP Test is the national standard for entry-level training and is the first step towards professional recognition in the travel industry.
  • Taking the TAP Test and earning the TAP Certificate of Proficiency allows students to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of the travel industry.

State Requirements

A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. You should check with your state, local government and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state. Click here for contact information on state licensing/regulatory boards and certain professional licensing information.

Our Travel Agent Online Course

As part of Ashworth College's Travel Agent training online, you'll learn about geography, national and worldwide air travel, cruises, lodging and accommodations, corporate travel, and reservation systems. You'll also learn how to effectively communicate with your clients.

Employers are looking for travel agents who can:

  • Evaluate client preferences
  • Arrange tour packages, excursions, and day trips
  • Find fare and schedule information
  • Prepare estimates of travel costs
  • Reserve air and ground travel and lodging
  • Give advice on local weather, customs, and attractions

Ashworth College Student Reviews

"I love Ashworth College because I don't have to take student loans to pay my school fees. It is affordable and you can study at your own time."
– Michell Oberly, Student

"You can achieve your goals here at Ashworth College. It doesn’t set you up to fail. You can go at your own pace every step of the way."
– Carolyn McDale, Student

"Dreams really do come true! Thanks for helping me reach them Ashworth!"
– Samantha Currier, Student

"Thank you, Ashworth College, for giving me the tools to be successful."
– Jose Dones, Student

Your Travel Agent Course Includes:

  • Comprehensive online learning guides
  • Online exams and assessments
  • Access to online training simulation for popular reservation software systems
  • Access to The Travel Institute Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) Test* and TAP Certificate of Proficiency, if passed (cost included in program tuition)
  • Access to Academic Advisors
  • Access to a Learning Resource Center and Library via Proquest
  • Ability to track academic progress and manage account information via the student portal
  • Personalized Career Guidance
  • Ability to interact with peer students, faculty, and staff via Ashworth's Online Community

*Certification Exam Requirements: Certification exam prerequisites vary. Please check with The Travel Institute for their requirements.

Will I be a certified travel agent upon completion of Ashworth College's Travel Agent career diploma program?

Ashworth College Travel Agent career diploma program graduates are automatically eligible to sit for The Travel Institute Travel Agent Proficiency Test. Upon passing the test, students will receive the TAP Certificate of Proficiency.

What is the format of the TAP Test?

The TAP Test is a proctored test consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are given two hours to complete the exam. For more information, visit The Travel Institute's website,

Is this course all online or do I get books?

All Travel Agent learning guides are available online and as printed booklets. You'll also have access to online training simulation for popular reservation software systems.

The Travel Agent training at Ashworth College is the perfect start to a great career journey. Call 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online today.

*Certification Exam Requirements: Certification exam prerequisites vary. Please check with The Travel Institute for their requirements.