Travel Agent Program

The comprehensive online Travel Agent program covers national and worldwide air travel, cruises, lodging and accommodations, corporate travel, passports and more. You'll start with key fundamentals followed by advanced, hands-on procedures for managing bookings, reservations and more. Each easy-to-follow lesson brings you closer to your dream job.

Program Description

The Travel Agent program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for entry-level work as a travel agent. Topics include geography; aviation and airports; the types of travel, including international travel and world tours, cruising, and rail and road travel; the hospitality industry; meetings and marketing; professionalism; and an introduction to the Global Distribution System.

Students will have the opportunity to take the Travel Agent Proficiency Test administered by The Travel Institute. If they pass the test, they will receive the TAP Certificate of Proficiency.

Program Objectives

After completing the Travel Agent program, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the personal and professional skills of successful travel agents, outline typical daily responsibilities, and explain the types of employment opportunities available to individuals in this field.
  2. Encode and decode standard airline abbreviations for cities and airports.
  3. Describe how to plan U.S. air travel itineraries based on a variety of trip routes, and price itineraries via the Global Destination System (GDS).
  4. Explain how to read and interpret flight availability and fare information from the GDS and use this information to build Passenger Name Records (PNRs).
  5. Describe the main categories of travel, including railroad travel, rental car travel, cruises, and lodging, and explain how to interpret vendor information for clients and book travel arrangements that meet the needs and budgets of different clients.
  6. Explain how to evaluate the quality and value of different types of travel tours and use this information to make recommendations that meet the needs and desires of clients.
  7. Describe the difference between domestic and international travel and explain how to prepare clients for successful travel abroad.

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