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What is Sterile Compounding?

Written by Ashworth College on Tuesday, 08 December 2020. Posted in Career

Pharm Tech preparing medication

Sterile compounding is the method of preparing custom medications for patients in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Not all pharmacies offer this service, but those that do are called compounding pharmacies. In order to be able to provide sterile compounding as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, there’s some specialized training needed to get started. Here’s what you should know.

What is the sterile compounding process

Custom medications are often needed for patients who have allergies, are receiving chemotherapy, or need a specialized dosage of a drug. Like traditional pharmacy work, this involves compounding – or mixing the necessary ingredients – to create needed medication. In sterile compounding, you follow the same processes but in a clean space that is specifically reserved for custom medications. This includes using special equipment, protective gear, and following strict sanitation guidelines.

In order to prepare custom medications, from ointments to oral doses, a doctor will generally consult the pharmacist about the patient’s particular needs. From there, the pharmacist will recommend a compound and, if they work in a compounding pharmacy, direct technicians in fulfilling the medication request. If the pharmacy is a smaller one, the order for custom medication will be sent to a compounding facility in the area to be filled and then either delivered to the requesting pharmacy or sent directly to the patient.

What education do you need to work in sterile compounding

As a specialized skillset, working in sterile compounding requires a little more education than your standard pharmacy technician. The first step is earning your credentials as a certified pharmacy technician. After completing an accredited training program and sitting for an industry recognized certification exam, adding a certificate in sterile compounding can help you prepare to take the next steps toward a career with a compounding pharmacy.

Those with sterile compounding skills can find work in other facilities where compounding is offered, such as hospitals, clinics, and mail pharmacies.

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