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What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Written by Autumn Granza on Wednesday, 26 February 2020. Posted in Career

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A career in Medical Billing and Coding means you’ll process and identify diagnoses, medical tests, and procedures and then transcribe the patient data into standardized codes for billing purposes. Ashworth College’s online career diploma medical billing and coding program may help prepare you for the certification exam.

What Medical Billing and Coding Jobs are Available?

Medical coders review, correct, and submit billing codes to insurance companies for reimbursement. With a growing healthcare field, the need for medical recorders are projected to grow by 7% through 2031. Employees typically work in an office setting and spend most of their time on a computer, meaning technology skills are essential to the job. While most coders work full time, there may be a need to work evening or overnight shifts at healthcare facilities that are open 24/7. A career in medical billing and coding may also come with the flexibility to work from home.

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What’s the Average Salary for Medical Billing and Coding?

As a medical coder, you should have an understanding of the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), medical terminology, and be able to accurately assign codes for diagnoses, procedures, and medical services. In 2021, the median wage for medical coders was $46,660, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your location, experience, and certifications may result in higher or lower compensation.

Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes

Our online Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma program may help prepare you to take the next step towards work you enjoy. As a medical coder you’ll ensure accuracy for billing purposes. You’ll also complete lessons such as

  • Disease Processes and Surgical Procedures. In this lesson you’ll receive an overview of the terminology associated with major chronic and infectious diseases and the surgical treatments for those diseases.
  • Medical Contracts, Ethics, and HIPAA. You’ll learn the elements of managed care contracts, covered services for patients, protected health information, and HIPAA security standards and regulations.
  • Explanation of Benefits and Payment Adjudication. In this lesson you’ll learn the importance of the Explanation of Benefits and Electronic Remittance Advice forms, how to calculate accurate payment by a career or third-party payer, and how to make adjustments to patient accounts.
  • Workers’ Compensation. You’ll receive an understanding of the history of workers’ compensation, classifications of work-related injuries, the types of workers’ compensation benefits, and more.

You’ll also receive training on ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT, and HCPCS code assignments.

Medical billing and coding certification

After you’ve completed your studies, a certification is often required to enter the job field. Earning your diploma with Ashworth can help you take the next step towards a career. Our Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma program includes the cost of the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) exam*, test prep resources, and your official certificate and wallet ID card if you pass the exam. Earning a certification validates your skillset and puts you above other potential candidates.

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*Certification Exam Requirements: Certification exam prerequisites vary. Please check with NHA for their requirements.

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