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What is Healthcare Management?

Written by Autumn Granza on Wednesday, 01 July 2020. Posted in Healthcare

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Healthcare management is the overall management of health systems. Healthcare managers oversee the business side of care. Without a working healthcare management system, facilities would not be able to operate effectively.

What does a healthcare manager do?

Healthcare managers help ensure that the business continues to grow operationally, financially, and medically. Managers plan and execute medical and health services while verifying patients and their families receive the best care possible. Healthcare managers may work with physicians, oversee patient care, and implement policy changes. They may also have a hand in the budget and accounting side of the business and lead marketing efforts. Healthcare managers must also implement changes that meet state or national laws and regulations as well as keep up with technology changes. The job may also require managers to decide how departments should be run, how departments are staffed, and what treatment may be used on patients.

How much can you make in healthcare management?

With occupations in the healthcare industry expected to grow at least 13 percent, now is the time to earn an education that may help you enter the booming field. As a healthcare manager, you’ll work full time and may work weekends or evenings depending on the setting. Healthcare managers have opportunities to advance their career and take on more responsibilities. In 2021, the median pay for healthcare managers was $101,340 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How do you become a healthcare manager?

Healthcare managers are detail oriented and possess leadership and communications skills that help them in their role. To become a healthcare manager you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Our online, self-paced Healthcare Management Bachelor’s Degree program may help prepare you for the field in as little as six months. In our flexible program, you’ll take lessons such as

  • Social Impact of Technology. In this lesson, you’ll examine the implications of technological innovation on social organization.
  • Medical Office Management I. You’ll receive an overview of medical office topics, including typical happenings in the medical office and an instruction to medical terminology, insurance processing and coding, safety issues, and more.
  • Principles of Public Speaking. In this lesson, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of public speaking and develop your speaking skills.
  • Leadership in Healthcare. This lesson explores the leadership skills required in the healthcare industry and how effective leaders embrace change and diversersity.

Healthcare managers may be required to become licensed. Licensing varies by state. While not required, healthcare managers may choose to set themselves apart and earn certifications.

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