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Whether you’re interested in a career program, full-on degree, or are still exploring options, our Career articles will open your eyes to the many opportunities available to you.

Hire a professional who has become a Personal Trainer online to help you run a marathon

Written by Allison Brenner on Wednesday, 02 October 2013. Posted in Career, Online College

Hire a Professional Who Has Become a Personal Trainer Online to Help You Run a Marathon

Each year, thousands of people lace up their athletic shoes and grab their water bottles in order to run the 26.2 miles that make up a marathon. Even for experienced athletes, enduring that much cardio exercise is strenuous on the body. For beginning athletes, a marathon isn’t something you can just do on a whim. It takes training, practice and a specially designed workout regimen in order to complete the entire event. For this reason, many people choose to hire personal trainers to help them get into marathon shape. Here are three ways a personal trainer can help you reach the finish line.

Careers Available to You Once You Graduate from Online Veterinary Assistant Programs

Written by Allison Brenner on Friday, 20 September 2013. Posted in Career

Careers Available to You Once You Graduate from Online Veterinary Assistant Programs

Many pet owners feel their pet is a valued member of the family and as such, they treat them with the utmost care and concern. Aside from feeding them the best quality foods, ensuring they have a comfortable place to sleep and lavishing them with as much love and attention as possible, pet owners also take steps to make sure that their pets receive the best medical care available. For this reason, and many others, veterinarians and qualified vet assistants are in high demand.

When to hire someone with Travel Agent training

Written by Allison Brenner on Tuesday, 03 September 2013. Posted in Career

When To Hire Someone With Travel Agent Training

It’s fun to dream up your perfect vacation: imagine combing exotic landscapes and lounging in luxurious resorts when in reality, you’re busy at work. But turning these dreams into an actual trip takes a lot more than simply envisioning yourself relaxing on a sandy-white beach listening to the surf.

Advance your career and education with Ashworth’s online certificate programs

Written by Allison Brenner on Monday, 05 August 2013. Posted in Career

How an online certificate program can help you prepare for your career goals

Advance Your Career and Education with Ashworth’s Online Certificate Programs

Do you wonder if you're ready to start college? Wish you could 'try out'college courses before enrolling in an associate or bachelor’s degree program? Aside from career training, degree and high school programs, Ashworth College allows students to earn undergraduate certificates as well.

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