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Attend electrician school online and launch a new career

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 18 January 2018. Posted in Career

Attend Electrician School Online

Are you logical? Do you love working with your hands? Are you also looking for a new career path that won’t require years in a classroom?

Consider attending electrician school through an online course and turn your talent and passion into a practical, worthwhile new career.

How can you attend electrician school online?

The Electrician Training Career Diploma at Ashworth College is an online electrician course designed to be flexible and self-paced so you can learn efficiently. This kind of program allows you to do electrician school whenever you want, from wherever you want. Study at night from your desk at home or study from your laptop while you’re on a lunch break.

What can you learn from electrician school online?

The lessons in this program were developed in alignment with National Electrical Code. Everything you learn will meet a standard for safe electrical installations as established by the National Fire Protection Association.

The course will start with the basics and tools of the trade and then teach you everything from wiring systems to installations for both residential and commercial structures. When you complete the program, you should be prepared for:

  • Planning electrical layouts with builders
  • Fixing circuit breakers and wiring
  • Testing and inspecting electrical systems
  • Ensuring that systems comply to code

The benefits of becoming an electrician

Electricians are in demand everywhere and they tend to be top earners compared to other trades. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median income for electricians in 2016 topped $25 per hour. As you gain experience, you may earn the opportunity to work independently, as a contractor or even launch your own business managing other electricians.

Sound like the field for you? You could start your new career through an online electrician course today!

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