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A bachelor's in Business Administration develops skills for success

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 14 September 2017. Posted in Career

A bachelor's in Business Administration develops skills for success

Imagine a human body without a skeleton. It would lack form. How about a business without an administrator? It would lack structure in the same way. And without structure, an organization cannot reach its purpose. That is why employers want to hire an employee with a business administration degree.

Students who work on their Bachelor's in Business Administration degree at Ashworth College get job preparation through accredited online college courses. The business administration degree online is a flexible and affordable college degree that teaches the following skills that are crucial for success.

  • Computer software applications - Success in the business world requires many different software applications. Technology evolves fast and there's always a new and more efficient application to learn. By learning to navigate the online student portal and other technology required for online college courses, Ashworth College Bachelor's in Business Administration students increase their value to future employers.

  • Social media and website work - Businesses rely on the World Wide Web for advertising, customer service and buyer conversion. Employees at almost every level must have experience with social media networks and high-quality websites. You will connect online with other fellow students and build many skills that transfer directly to social media platforms and website navigation while interacting with your professors and completing your online college courses.

  • Project management - Successful corporations run on schedules, organization, and quality communication. Students who complete a business administration degree online practice these important skills by scheduling coursework, organizing study materials, and communicating with professors. This leads to academic success and graduation, but also develops the project managements skills needed to become an effective employee in the future.

  • Human resources skills - An administrator's ability to build a team is vital to an organization's success because successful teams are built on good relationships.The Bachelor's in Business Administration from Ashworth College helps students build strong human resources skills and launch a lengthy career in business administration.

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