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Hotel management course curriculum

Our hotel management course curriculum refines your skills for the management of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. After completing your studies, you should be prepped to step right into jobs like managing front and back offices, coordinating guest services, supervising housekeeping, handling customer service, directing food and beverage service, catering management, and more.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Orientation

Hotel and Restaurant Management Orientation  

In this course, you’ll examine the goals and values of Ashworth College, time management, creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule, the nature and purpose of assessments, how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination, and developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the goals and structure of Ashworth College’s Hotel and Restaurant Management course.
  • Coordinate your learning style with time management skills and assessment preparation.
  • Analyze your business model, focusing on marketing and funding.

Lesson Group 1: The Hotel Industry and Reservation Process

Lesson Group 1: The Hotel Industry and Reservation Process 

This course opens by establishing the foundational elements of the hotel industry and the reservation process before shifting to the latest products and segmentation found in modern hotel management, including an overview of the structures and departmentalization within the industry. You’ll also develop a skill set with forecasting availability to avoid overbooking. Finally, the course offers knowledge of industry-specific global technologies while exploring the systems behind individual reservations and group bookings.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Explore the evolution of patterns, programs, and technologies within the hotel industry.
  • Detail management systems with reservations and yield.
  • Analyze the organizational structures of hotel personnel and management.
  • Master vital hotel systems concerning reservations and bookings as part of forecasting availability and avoiding the problems of overbooking.

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Program Description

The Hotel and Restaurant Management certificate program is designed to provide you with the knowledge of design, operations, and management with the hotel and restaurant industries, focusing on such hospitality areas which promote guest experiences, safety concerns, and effective service systems.

Program Objectives

After completing the Hotel and Restaurant Management certificate program, you’ll be able to:

  1. Outline the career opportunities available to managers within the hotel and restaurant segments of the hospitality industry and explain the personal and professional characteristics—including the cultural sensitivities and ethical responsibilities—required to successfully manage these service industries.
  2. Explain important management principles related to hospitality business operations and describe how technology is used to maximize both profitability and service levels.
  3. Describe the organization of the typical hotel, define the roles and responsibilities of the various departments from the reservations process through checkout, and explain how these areas work together to provide superior service to guests.
  4. Describe the organization of a typical restaurant, identify the roles and responsibilities of the different areas and staff members, and explain how these areas work together to provide a high-quality experience to guests and event attendees.
  5. Identify and define important concepts related to the management and operation of restaurants, including food safety and sanitation practices and event management, and describe how to evaluate the quality and profitability of such operations.
  6. Explain how to recruit, hire, and train service staff with a goal of maximizing employee performance and retention while maintaining high standards of service toward guests and customers.
  7. Identify and describe management tools and reports used by managers in the hospitality industry, including those related to forecasting, bookings, service charges, quality and service management, and event management.

Managing your career path

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