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Online Paralegal certificate program curriculum

Our online Paralegal certificate program curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation in the paralegal field. Equipped with practical, job-relevant skills—and having customized your course to fit your goals—you’ll be ready to stand out in a competitive job market or apply your credit toward further legal education.

Required courses

P01 - Introduction to Paralegalism I  

This is an introduction to the paralegal field, the legal system, and legal analysis. The course explores the scope of paralegal activities in procedural law, criminal law, contracts and business law, torts and property law, wills and estates, and family law.
Credit Hours: 3

P02 - Introduction to Paralegalism II  

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Paralegalism I, providing skills in legal analysis, interviewing, investigation, advocacy, and ethics, and providing an overview of legal research and writing.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

P03 - Torts  

The world of torts is violent. There are explosions, collisions, mishaps, injuries, and deaths. There is libel and slander, assault and battery, malpractice, and defective products. This course is an introduction to basic areas of law dealing with civil wrongs, with coverage of intentional torts, negligence, malpractice, defamation, joint and vicarious liability, auto insurance, and workers’ compensation.
Credit Hours: 3

P04 - Civil Litigation  

Civil procedure is the rules and procedures that must be followed in filing and conducting a civil lawsuit. This course discusses assisting the law office with matters concerning jurisdiction, venue, preparing basic pleadings, discovery documents, pre-trial and post-judgment motions, managing the case file, attending to service of process, and assisting in the courtroom.
Credit Hours: 3

P05 - Criminal Law and Procedures  

This course examines the fundamentals of substantive criminal law and procedures unique to criminal cases, including an examination of the practical aspects of prosecution and defense, the constitutional rights of the accused, plea bargaining, and the unique aspects of a criminal trial.
Credit Hours: 3

P06 - Real Estate Law  

This course covers real property and common types of real estate transactions and conveyances. The course also covers preparation of legal instruments including deeds, contracts, leases, deeds of trust, and mortgages. Recording statutes, title examinations, and the real estate closing are also presented.
Credit Hours: 3

P07 - Law Office Management  

This is an introduction to the legal industry and the legal team. The course opens with an overview of the different types of law offices and law practices. The role of the paralegal/legal assistant is examined, as is the attorney-client relationship. Also covered are topics such as timekeeping, fee structures, billing, administrative reports, legal technology, and the law library.
Credit Hours: 3

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