Marketing Certificate Program Curriculum

The online Undergraduate Marketing Certificate program contains a combination of fundamental courses and career-focused electives. Each college-level course is developed with the input of professionals to ensure you learn practical skills to help you succeed in your dream career.

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Required Course

C16 - Principles of Marketing  

This course focuses on the facilitation of exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion, and pricing of goods, services, and ideas. The concepts of market segmentation, buyer behavior, branding, marketing strategies, and services marketing will be stressed, in addition to the processes of planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling marketing activities.
Credit Hours: 3


G01 - Consumer Buying Behavior  

Consumer Behavior is the science of determining how consumers behave and how marketers can take these patterns and better sell to consumers. This course offers complete coverage of the role of consumers in the marketplace, including perception, learning and memory, income and social class, subcultures, cultural influences on consumer behavior, and global consumer culture.
Credit Hours: 3

G02 - Principles of Professional Selling  

This course will teach you how to sell and will provide you with many practical tactics to help you sell. Topics include personal selling, developing customer relationship strategies, product strategies, and customer strategies, sales presentations, closing the sale, and servicing the sale.
Credit Hours: 3

G03 - Principles of Retailing  

This course examines the management of a retail business, with extensive coverage of multichannel retailing, consumer buying behavior, retailing strategy, human resource management, information systems, customer relationship management, merchandise management, vendor relations, pricing, and store management.
Credit Hours: 3

G04 - Integrated Marketing Communications  

This course presents how companies use the basics of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to ensure their messages are heard in an increasingly competitive and cluttered marketplace. Focus is on the first steps in the IMC process, beginning with corporate image and brand management, and ending with a study of consumer buying behavior. Additional topics include advertising management, advertising design, media selection, promotions, and public relations.
Credit Hours: 3

G05 - Internet Marketing  

This course provides a focused look at using the Internet as a marketing tool. Topics include Internet revenue models, business to business strategies, business to consumer strategies, customer lifetime value analysis, sales force automation, the Internet consumer, developing and maintaining effective web sites, customer service and support, security, and social and regulatory issues.
Credit Hours: 3

G06 - International Marketing  

This course offers complete coverage of the global marketing environment, including social and cultural considerations, political and regulatory issues, global market segmentation and targeting, imports and exports, pricing decisions, global marketing communications, and global product distribution methods.
Credit Hours: 3

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