Human Resources Certificate Program

The online Human Resources Certificate program includes a combination of fundamental courses and career-focused electives. Each college-level course is developed with the input of professionals to ensure you learn practical skills to help you succeed in the real world.

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Required Course

M01 - Human Resource Management  

The principles and human relations problems involved in the administration of personnel are thoroughly explored. Topics include job analysis and specification, recruitment, selection and training, job evaluation, supervision of employees, salary and wage administration, and labor relations. The students will gain familiarity with modern methods of selection, testing, training, and solving various personnel problems.
Credit Hours: 3


R01 - Employment Law  

This course surveys the key issues in employment law, describing the relationship between employers and employees, describing the scope of laws protecting employees from unlawful discrimination on the job, and introducing other employment matters such as workers’ compensation and union agreements.
Credit Hours: 3

R02 - Training and Development  

In this course, students will learn why training and development are important to the success of an enterprise and how training and development are successfully carried out in an enterprise. Topics covered include employee development and strategic training, needs assessment, learning theories, transfer of training, training evaluation, and the use of technology in training.
Credit Hours: 3

R03 - Compensation and Benefits  

This course examines how compensation practices may be an advantage or disadvantage for enterprises in competitive environments, the criteria used to evaluate employees’ compensation and benefits, and the challenges faced by human resource professionals in designing compensation and benefits practices in the future.
Credit Hours: 3

R04 - Human Relations  

This course is an examination of the four major issues in human relations: understanding and managing one's self, dealing effectively with others, fostering career success, and managing one's personal life. These issues are presented within the premise that career and personal success are interrelated.
Credit Hours: 3

R05 - Labor Relations  

This is an introduction to the history and contemporary process of organized labor. The student will see how changing demographics, technological innovations, the decline of manufacturing, and globalization have required unions to reassess their goals, priorities, and ways of doing business. The student will also learn the process by which a bargaining unit is established and will examine unfair labor practices, and what unions and management can and cannot do in their dealings with each other.
Credit Hours: 3

M03 - Organizational Behavior  

This is a study of the theory, research, and practice related to human behavior in organizational settings. Attention is focused on the theories and realities of leadership, power, motivation, work satisfaction, group dynamics, decision making, and organizational change. The course also aims to broaden perceptions of the causes and effects of interpersonal and group behavior, its dynamics and influences, and organizational behavior relating to organizational climates, conflict, and structural design.
Credit Hours: 3

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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Certificate programs provide students the opportunity to earn college credits in a specific discipline without enrolling in a degree program. Students complete 5 courses of 3 credit hours each in both required and elective subjects. Graduates may apply credit toward a corresponding associate at Ashworth College.

The Ashworth College online Human Resources Certificate program includes self-paced lessons, instructor guidance and online exams that make learning enjoyable. Call 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online.