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ECE program curriculum

With college-level courses that provide students with an understanding of the different facets of early childhood education, our ECE program curriculum is designed to be a well-rounded first step toward a career working with children.

From child development and cultural diversity to creative expression, play, and development, our electives cover a range of topics under the ECE umbrella. You’ll also have the option to apply your studies to the professional education requirement section of your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™.

Required course

E01 - Careers in Early Childhood Education  

This course introduces the student to the field of early childhood education by describing at a fundamental level how children learn, the stages of early childhood development, how teachers work with children and their parents, what is taught, how to create and evaluate an early childhood environment, and issues and trends in the field.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

E02 - Child Development  

This course examines childhood development by observing physical and psychosocial factors that lead to cognitive, language, and literacy development according to a child's age. Child development theories, studies and assessments will also be presented.
Credit Hours: 3

E03 - Curriculum Development  

This course discusses how to develop and implement appropriate curriculum for young children. Topics include the use of play, cooking, and physical activity, and techniques for fostering creativity and emotional, social, and verbal competence within the curriculum.
Credit Hours: 3

E04 - Guidance and Discipline  

This course presents guidance and discipline concepts applicable to children’s behavior in preschool and primary school classrooms. By applying the concepts taught in this course, the student will be able to help children become responsible and productive, and will themselves become a much more patient and understanding disciplinarian.
Credit Hours: 3

E05 - Children's Literature  

Literature is a core component of an early childhood curriculum. This course will teach students how to evaluate appropriate resources and how to use these resources in a classroom to meet specific educational objectives.
Credit Hours: 3

E06 - Creative Expression and Play  

Play is a core component of an early childhood curriculum. This course reinforces the importance of play and teaches students how to integrate play into the art, music, movement, and drama curricula. This course also analyzes the connection between play and creativity, and demonstrates techniques for fostering creativity.
Credit Hours: 3

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Make a career in ECE a reality

With a broad understanding of what it takes to shape young minds in an early childhood education role, you’ll graduate with the confidence to pursue higher education and employment in the field. We’ll give you exclusive access to our Career Tools, which comes with one-on-one interview guidance and resume writing workshops. Additional professional development resources, such as how to build your brand on social media and use technology in your job search, are also available through The Ashworth College Central Network.

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