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Online Criminal Justice program curriculum

With a general overview of criminal justice as a discipline—and the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives—students graduate with a strong understanding of all the facets of the justice system and an idea of the path they want their career to take. From private security and criminal investigation to corrections and ethics in criminal justice, courses are designed to set a precedent for further education and a rewarding career.

Required course

J01 - Introduction to Criminal Justice  

This course is an introduction to the criminal justice process, including an overview of crime in America, criminal law, policing, the courts, corrections, and juvenile justice.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

J02 - Criminal Law  

This course discusses why we have criminal laws and begins to define the proof that is necessary to convict someone of a crime. Social issues that affect how and why laws are made are examined, as well as the behavior that is the subject of criminal law. Topics include criminal liability, criminal defenses and jurisdiction, crimes against persons and property, sex crimes, and other criminal conduct.
Credit Hours: 3

J03 - Criminal Procedure  

This course provides an overview of the procedures used to lawfully investigate, apprehend, and prosecute individuals suspected of and accused of violating criminal laws. It also explores the many facets of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution and how the Constitution protects us from an oppressive government while at the same time providing the means to catch and bring wrongdoers to justice.
Credit Hours: 3

J04 - Policing  

This course provides an introduction to the responsibilities of police officers, providing examples and applications of theory, including topics such as patrol techniques, use of discretion, and describing how police departments are organized and managed, and how they are responding to modern challenges.
Credit Hours: 3

J05 - Corrections  

This course provides a broad-based, foundational approach to understanding the many elements of America’s correctional system from the perspective of both the corrections worker and the criminal offender. Particular attention is paid to issues including alternative sanctions, incarceration of women and juveniles, and the effects of incarceration upon release.
Credit Hours: 3

J06 - Ethics in Criminal Justice  

This course bridges the gap between the ideals of justice and the ethical behavior that criminal justice professionals should exhibit in the furtherance of justice. It also presents information that criminal justice professionals need to resolve many of the ethical dilemmas they may face, and to understand the dilemmas faced by others within the justice system.
Credit Hours: 3

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice is more than just a semester toward the next degree level, it's your launch pad for career growth. Make every lesson count by taking advantage of the career services provided by the Ashworth College Central Network. From the moment you enroll, you gain access to a complete toolkit of resume and letter templates so you can pitch your new job skills before your coursework is done. After you graduate, feel free to revisit your account any time. Learn more on the Career Services page.

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