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Construction Management program curriculum

Our online Construction Management program curriculum combines fundamental courses with career-focused electives. Each college-level course is developed with the input of professionals to ensure you learn practical, job-relevant skills and competencies.

Required courses

B01 - Introduction to Construction  

An introduction to the construction management program, this course includes discussion of the processes, players, and practices in the construction industry. The history of construction, owners, the design team, and the contracting team, communications and documentation in construction, and the sequence of a project are covered.
Credit Hours: 3

B08 - Construction Management  

A capstone course in managing a construction project that provides in-depth coverage of project delivery systems, responsibility and authority, resident project representatives, office responsibilities, records and reports, electronic project administration, specifications and drawings, construction law and labor relations, construction safety, meetings and negotiations, risk allocation and liability sharing, preconstruction operations, planning for construction, scheduling, construction operations, value engineering, measurement and payment, materials and workmanship, change orders and extra work, claims and disputes, and project closeout.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

B02 - Construction Materials and Methods  

This is an introduction to the materials and methods used in constructing commercial buildings. Topics covered include foundations, using wood in construction, exterior and interior finishes, brick masonry, stone and concrete masonry, masonry load bearing wall construction, steel frame construction, sitecast and precast concrete framing systems, roofing, glass, windows and doors, cladding systems, interior walls and partitions, ceilings and floors.
Credit Hours: 3

B03 - Drawings and Specifications  

This is an introduction to reading construction blueprints. Topics include lines of construction, scales, types of surveys, off-site and site improvements, foundations and below-grade construction, the structure above grade, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, commercial blueprints, construction offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
Credit Hours: 3

B04 - Safety Planning and Administration  

This is an introduction to the role of safety in the construction industry. Topics include the cost and causes of accidents, ethics and safety, workers compensation, OSHA compliance, safety and health programs and policies, job safety and hazard analysis, accident reporting and record keeping, emergency response plans, total safety management, workplace violence, blood borne pathogens, workplace stress, environmental safety and ISO 14000.
Credit Hours: 3

B05 - Construction Surveying Fundamentals  

This course introduces the use of surveys in commercial, residential, and road construction. Topics include fundamentals of surveying, distance measurement, leveling, angles and theodolites, total stations, traverse surveys and computations, geomatics, global positioning systems, control surveys, highway curves, highway construction surveys, municipal street surveys, pipeline and tunnel surveys, culvert and bridge surveys, building construction surveys, and quantity and final surveys.
Credit Hours: 3

B06 - Cost Estimating  

This is an introduction to the process of estimating the full cost of construction projects. Topics include contracts, bonds, insurance, specifications, overhead and contingencies, labor, equipment, excavation, concrete, masonry, metals, wood, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishes, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and profit.
Credit Hours: 3

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