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Business Management classes curriculum

Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of business best practice, our Business Management classes curriculum starts with an introductory class and gives students the option of a number of electives. From accounting and ethics to finance, microeconomics, and marketing, you can expect a well-rounded starting point for pursuing further education or applying your new-found knowledge to your career immediately.

Required course

C01 - Introduction to Business  

This course offers a broad overview of the business world for both business and non-business majors. It is an introduction to the business environment, business ownership, management, marketing, technology and information, and finance.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

A01 - Introduction to Accounting  

This course reviews the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping and the debit/credit method of recording transactions. The bookkeeping cycle, from recording transactions to preparing financial statements, is included. Emphasis is placed on service concerns operating as sole proprietorships.
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite for BU330

C06 - Business Ethics  

This course explores current ethical issues in the business world, including social and professional responsibilities, organizational relationships, employee rights and obligations, workplace discrimination, organizational culture and ethics in a global economy.
Credit Hours: 3

C09 - Principles of Finance  

This course provides a focused look at the management of capital in a business firm. Emphasis is placed on policies and actions relating to asset structure, risk, income, and cash flows. Operating and financial analysis are also explored.
Credit Hours: 3

C13 - Microeconomics  

This is an introduction to microeconomics, with emphasis on the functioning of individual markets and their effectiveness for resource allocation. Topics include price and production theory, competition, labor, the distribution of income, and the theory of household behavior.
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite for C11, BU310

C15 - Principles of Management  

This is an introduction to the principles and practices of management, with emphasis on the management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Topics also include effective leadership and motivational techniques, communication, social responsibility and ethics, managing change and conflict, and control.
Credit Hours: 3

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